WP Plugins A to Z Interviews

Interview 49 with Kevin Brent from WP Datasnyc

This is a plugin that will allow you to sync data on your website with various source data. It is a good discussion about how the plugin works and how it can benefit you.

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Interview 48 with Kenny Lundbäck from WP Hydra Code

Interview #48 Order and Inventory Manager for WooCommerce @wphydracode #ClassicPress #WordPress #Plugins Click To Tweet Today’s interview is with Kenny Lundbäck from WP Hydra Code.

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WP Plugins A to Z Interview 47 with Kim Gjerstad from Mail Poet

Interview I talk with Kim Gjerstad abut Mail Poet and how it has evolved and changed since it was created in 2011. We talk about the mailing service they now offer with the plugin to help ensure your emails get delivered.

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Interview 46 Shiram Anver from DataCue.co

Talking with Shahram, founder of DataCue (https://www.datacue.co ) We have a WooCommerce plugin that does personalization, this means changing banners and product recommendations for each visitor.

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