Special – Unique Donation Levels

Donation Levels


Spare Change Level

Keep us plugged in by donating $2.50/WK


Coffee Level

Forgo one coffee a week to help keep us fired up by donating $5/WK


Lunch Level

Pack a lunch one day a week to help us keep the show coming to you one day a week.


Members Level

With your donation you will have access to the member’s only section.


Membership Plus Level

At this level, you have access to the member’s only section, we will read out your show note with a link to wherever you want, and your name is read out on the show.

Choose a Donation Level

You can use this to set your own Donation level.

(Currently unavailable)

Alternate Donation Options

If you’re a plugin developer who would like to support the show with a Premium License Donation for a Contest Giveaway please go here to submit.

We understand that not everyone has spare change to donate and there are those of you who really should not go without coffee (you know who you are, lol).  There are other ways you can show your appreciation and support for the show, what we do and help to keep the show unbiased and not needing to rely on advertising income. (The reasons we wish to do this were discussed in Episode #309.)

Below are other ways you, the listener, can help the show stay plugged in, move forward, improve and be some of what you and we are hoping for it to be.

  • Share the show through your social media platforms of choice. (Don’t see your platform listed? Let us know.)
  • Help edit the show notes.  This takes time, something we are short on with putting our time into actually producing the show.
  • Creating any graphics that we may need. (Credit will be given to you for your work and a link to your site if the graphic is used.)
  • Submit names and links to plugins you’d like to see reviewed on the show.
  • Submit your own review of a plugin we’ve reviewed and have it read on the show.
  • Help create new pages as needed for the WP Plugins site.
  • Create training videos to be posted to the site.
  • Comment on the show notes.
  • Review links in the show notes and website for accuracy, and relevance.
  • Keep listening and downloading the show!

Please contact us here to help in this manner.