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Interview 55 with Amber Hinds from Equalize Digital

Today's interview is with Amber Hinds from Equalized Digital

Today’s interview is with Amber Hinds from Equalize Digital

Main Talking Points:

  • Why Accessibility is so important for large and small businesses, as well as personal sites – even financially.
  • Why and how this plugin was thought up, how it came to be, and how it works in your site.
  • How this plugin compares to, and differs from it’s competitors like WAVE.

Listen to learn more!

If you’re a plugin developer and you’d like to appear on the show, you can schedule an interview, donate your plugin for an upcoming contest, or submit your plugin for review.

You can reach them directly or through their websites. Everything is listed below.

  • Find their product at:
  • Contact Equalize Digital though their website under contact:
  • Reach out to Amber with Equalize Digital in the following ways:
    LinkedIn: Equalize Digital
    Facebook: Equalize Productions – @equalizedproductions
    Twitter: Equalize Digital – @a11ychecker

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