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Interview 60 with Isiah Pasquale from

Today's interview is with Isiah Pasquale from

Today’s interview is with Isiah Pasquale from

This plugin is designed for easy use in WordPress by removing the coding for all and gathering first party insight and information on your site about your visitors. The way this is done is through giving your visitors an option to choose the option of logging in through an already existing account such as Gmail, FaceBook, etc.

Main Talking Points:

  • Once the plugin is downloaded it offers your visitors an easier way to sign in/sign up, and starts tracking their movements on your site with their consent. There IS an option for the visitors to opt out.
  • The main goal in the creation of this plugin was to remove the coding from the job, making it easier for anyone to use within WordPress.
  • You will receive the information through your account – you will receive a certain number of visitors information at each tier. However, the information is still gathered, and if you choose to move onto the next tier of cost you will then have access to that information.
  • This plugin is designed more for networking, though can also be used for e-commerce. It has integration’s through WooComerce and Shopify – though the main integration’s are through MailChimp, Zapier, Slack – pretty much anything that offers a webhook.
  • If you have CRM, the user will be pushed to your CRM. You will reveive notes about their behaviour on your site.

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