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Interview 54 with Dimitrie Baitanciuc from Brizy Builder

Today's interview is with Dimitrie Baitanciuc from Brizy Builder

Today’s interview is with Dimitrie Baitanciuc from Brizy Builder

Main Talking Points:

  • Brizy is a website builder/developing tool/stand alone platform that is also used as a plugin on WordPress.
  • Designed with ease of use and User experience in mind: great example would be that every one of their blocks in the panel for development give you an example of what that block does so that you don’t have to guess anymore, or load it up all the way to figure out what it does on the site.
  • Integrated Woo Commerce and the ability to use the Contact form on the version; the Contact form currently has an option list of 18 integrations to choose, including MailChimp.
  • Pro version has even more options!

Listen to learn more!

If you’re a plugin developer and you’d like to appear on the show, you can schedule an interview, donate your plugin for an upcoming contest, or submit your plugin for review.

You can reach them directly or through their websites. Everything is listed below.

  • Find their product at:
  • Contact Dimitrie Baitanciuc via email at:
  • Reach out to Dimitrie Baitanciuc via
    • Twitter: Brizy @ThemeFuse
    • or Facebook at: Brizy community

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