28 Facts You Probably Don’t Know About WordPress [Infographic]

WordPress Popularity

Just about everyone who has gone through the process of trying to figure out exactly how they will get a website online has run into WordPress already. It is an extremely popular CMS but you might not realize just how many websites are using it in 2016.

Endless Options

As we mentioned in the earlier segment, WordPress provides an almost endless amount of customization’s that you can use on your website. There are over 45,000 plugins available for free which adds functionality, and over 4,000 free themes that can change the look of a website.

WordPress Security Breaches

Yes, it’s sad but true that WordPress has been the target of some quite large security breaches. It just goes to show that once you become big enough and popular enough you will become the target of people who want to take you down. The same thing happened with Windows when it became the most popular operating system for home computers. It became the target for virus makers, WordPress is not immune to that.

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There's this glass. We know the pessimist will say that glass is half empty and of course the happy go lucky optimists smiles that the glass is half full. But the engineer says the glass has been over-designed for the quantity of liquid

There’s This Glass and It’s Well You Know…..

There's this glass.  We know the pessimist will say that glass is half empty and of course the happy go lucky optimists smiles that the glass is half full.  But the engineer says the glass has been over-designed for the quantity of liquidThere’s this glass.

We know the pessimist will say that glass is half empty and of course the happy go lucky optimists smiles that the glass is half full.

But the engineer says the glass has been over-designed for the quantity of liquid.

To which the physicist says that the glass is not empty at all- it is half-filled with water and half-filled with air- hence fully filled on the whole!

Well the cynic… wonders who drank the other half?

The skeptic says: I doubt both the existence of this glass and the validity of the question.

Meanwhile the consultant says: let’s examine the question, prepare a strategy for the answer, and does this while charging his normal hourly rate.

The entrepreneur who hired the consultant thinks he’s crazy and sees the glass as undervalued by half its potential.

She runs this by her auditor who first checks whether the empty half is really water and then designs an audit to obtain evidence to conclude the other half is indeed empty.

Now our entrepreneur turns to her marketing professional who says: we can convince buyers that what’s left is more valuable than the first half.

Our marketing pro wants a second opinion so he calls his father a well respected economists who arches his head down slightly with his spectacles barely clenching his nose and inquisitively asks: “How full?”

Before his son can answer he retorts “Let market forces decide.” and abruptly hangs up.

It’s at this time our entrepreneur gets an email from her product designer that reads: I can invent a new glass that will put an end to this ridiculous mis-perception. Here’s a picture.

That image must have had some kind of virus because immediately her computer goes on the fritz.

She calls IT support who takes one look at the glass and asks: have you tried emptying the glass and then refilling it?

But what about my computer?

It’s at this time where she thinks… maybe I should to hire someone to help me out here and runs a help wanted ad.

The first interviewee comes in picks up the glass, drinks the water and says “I am a problem solver!”.

The next interviewee a millennial strolls in and says “I cannot make an informed decision if it’s half full or empty without first checking Yelp, Trip Advisor, and..”

The next interviewee provides his resume where his last job title was a professional abbreviationist and says: TGIHFAHE.

“Get out”, our entrepreneur replies in total frustration. It’s at this time she goes for one last swing.

She runs into to her neighbor a handy guy and an electrician. He says: you need a plumber.

Between 8-12am the next day the plumber shows up and says: You’ve got a leak.

Now our entrepreneur has reached her last straw picks up the glass and with a all her might throws this gift from evil deep into her backyard full of trees and never thinks of it again.

…2,000 years later a world renowned archaeologist and an expert on the early 21st century gently brushes dirt aside to reveal a dull but glimmering object. In pure excitement he says:

I can’t believe it– I just found a glass that is half…

WordPress Evolution Timeline (infographic)

Yes WordPress has evolved over the past 13 years and some truths and myths have arisen. This infographic helps dispel those myths and enlighten us to some truths.

Wordpress Timeline
Credit: On Blast Blog

Share this info graphic with this link:

<a href="http://www.onblastblog.com/how-to-start-a-wordpress-blog/"><img src="http://cdn.onblastblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/Wordpress-Timeline.jpg" alt="Wordpress Timeline" width="1000px" border="0" /></a>
Credit: <a href="http://www.onblastblog.com/how-to-start-a-wordpress-blog/" target="_blank">On Blast Blog</a>


Downgrade to Any WordPress Plugin or Theme Version


Downgrade to Any WordPress Plugin or Theme Versionhttp://news.softpedia.com/news/Downgrade-to-Any-WordPress-Plugin-or-Theme-Version-482306.shtmlThere are some rare cases where WordPress themes and plugins need to be running at an older version number, due to various technical reasons like the server’s PHP version, inter-plugin dependencies, deprecated or older code in the current frontend theme.

There are also cases where the desired functionality for a particular website cannot be fully achieved unless using an older version of a plugin, or the site’s theme performed and loaded much faster in its previous versions.

For this kind of situations, you need to find the desired theme/plugin, search through its downloads history and download an older version. If sometimes you realize you need even an older release, you have to repeat the whole process and end up losing more time, keeping you from doing something else.

This process is now automated and can be carried out via WP Rollback, a plugin that can make this entire process as simple as clicking three links: (1) selecting the theme/plugin to downgrade, (2) choosing the version to go back to, and (3) pressing a final “Rollback” button. Read original article here…

A Fascinating Look At The WordPress Job Landscape


A Fascinating Look At The WordPress Job Landscapehttp://www.webpronews.com/a-fascinating-look-at-the-wordpress-job-landscape-2015-05WP Engine released some interesting research into the “WordPress economy” and jobs that call for WordPress skills throughout the United States. The study utilized online listings from Indeed.com for WordPress-centric positions, and analyzed which jobs are most in demand, which areas show the most interest in WordPress skills, and which salaries are most common.

“WordPress is the most dominant content management system on the web today,” the report says. “It has a diverse user base comprising personal bloggers, Fortune 500 companies, and all types of businesses in between. WordPress’s flexibility makes the platform capable of meeting almost any business’s needs. When companies rely on WordPress for their blogging and content management system needs, they’re looking for competent professionals to handle the day-to-day operations. These roles can range from theme designers and software developers to writers and system administrators.”

Looking at data from Wappalyzer.com, it found that WordPress has 65% of market share for sites using a CMS. Read original article here…

What to Expect in WordPress 4.2: Theme Switching and Emoji Everywhere


What to Expect in WordPress 4.2: Theme Switching and Emoji Everywherehttp://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/wordpress-4-2/?utm_expid=3606929-28.V9Bw_8diSVaOFQtRZ6k9ZA.0A great update to the theme customizer is the ability to switch themes and make customizations without affecting the live site. This is a huge leap forward, allowing users to not just preview but modify the design of an inactive theme without resorting to plugins. If you’re interested, the chatter about this feature was added to ticket #31303.

To be honest, the Emoji craze has completely gone over my head but lots of people use them and it now seems to be a ubiquitous way of communicating, which means that it should be implemented in WordPress as well.

It seems that updating will still be included in 4.2 and can be tested easily. In fact, it’s pretty awesome. If all other features discussed work as smoothly as this feature, we’ll have a much better user experience dealing with plugins.

Developers can now add non-sticky admin notices, ones which users can dismiss. All you need to do is add .notice and .is-dismissable as classes to your notice containers and they should automagically become dismissable. Read original article here…

Online Business Coaching

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Taking A Closer Look At The WordPress wp-config.php File


Taking A Closer Look At The WordPress wp-config.php Filehttp://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/tips-tricks/wordpress-wp-config-phpSome people will never touch the file that sets the most important details that make a site unique: wp-config. In fact, since WordPress automatically creates the file during its famous “5 minute installation” a lot of users don’t even know it’s there or ever need to touch it. That’s a great thing.

Most, but not all of what you do in wp-config is set the values of constants, so it’s important to understand constants, before discussing wp-config. Constants are a type of identifier, that like a variable holds a value. The big difference between a constant and variable, is that once  a constant is defined, its value can not change.  They are like non-variable, variables. Taking A Closer Look At The WordPress wp-config.php File

With generous server resources, space and bandwidth allocations so you will never need another host. Register Now for WordPress Hosting at JohnOverall.com only $39.95/mo limited spaces available first come first served.

Your Host Matters for a WordPress Website

With generous server resources, space and bandwidth allocations so you will never need another host. Register Now for WordPress Hosting at JohnOverall.com only $39.95/mo limited spaces available first come first served.As the web has grown over the last decade and more and more business have come to depend on their site as a point of contact for their clients, the dependability of their website has become of paramount importance.

In the last 4 years more and more small business have chosen WordPress as their platform to build their websites on and it has become apparent that a good host is very important. WordPress while being an easy platform to use and is both visitor friendly and admin friendly is not all that server friendly.

By this I mean that WordPress can be intensive in its resource usage at times depending on what plugins are used and what the website purpose is for. A great example is that if your site is strictly an online brochure or information website then it will almost always perform lightning fast no matter what web host you choose. But if you start adding to it by publishing posts, offering audio, video or even adding an estore you will quickly find you need more resources.

This need for resources is very evident when you hit the sometimes low limits on many providers. Read that contract about what they really mean by unlimited hosting. It is limited in many ways by resource usage i.e., CPU cycles, ram what is called inode usage often referring to files, processes started ect.

The other problem is becoming a victim of your own success, if you actually grow an email list or RSS list of followers, (and every time you make a post you get hit with hundreds or thousands of visits on a poor server that is improperly configured or even overloaded as most shared hosting providers are you will quickly wish for a better host).

So let’s discuss some hosting providers I have dealt with in the past 12 months and what I have found with them.


Here are a couple interesting articles on their service

Why Your Webhost Cannot Be Trusted – How WP Engine Hijacked My Business

How @WPEngine Is Failboating Your SEO and Leaking Your Information

What I found when dealing with them was that their service did not live up to the hype they promise. They are so restrictive on the plugins you can install some things simply cannot be done and from my experience getting a large site moved to them is not an easy task. Once we did get it moved the testing went poorly and their performance was not all that great.


Well what can I say here but avoid it even small sites have had issues when I have been working on their servers. They have gotten better in the past year but they are definitely not a first choice.


While I still send people to this hosting provider more and more I am seeing issues arise from their service. They do offer great customer support


I still recommend these guys but I think they may be having some growing pains as I have a site or two that just have issues from time to time and a monitor of server loads shows that often the servers are under a pretty good load much of the time so they might be over loading them.

Recommendation For Hosting JohnOverall.com WordPress Hosting

So what do I recommend well many years ago I ran a small hosting business and due to the number of issues I have been encountering in the past few months I have decided to bring it back with a twist this time. A focus on WordPress where you can get great web hosting at JohnOverall.com/wphost and what I offer is high performance servers with a limit on how many accounts I place on each server.

I offer generous storage and bandwidth allocations for each account and pretty much all the resources a small to medium size business with up to 15,000 visitors a day needs to keep performance of the site at its peak.

You get full cPanel controls on your site and email service, you can even run your email list from the site if you want but not recommended since that is one area I do limit outgoing mail per account to help keep spam under control (best to use a service like mailchimp).

Post to Social Media and Clear Your RSS Cache.

wow-wpWhen doing the podcast I come across many plugins and they tend to stack up more and more now the show is trying to have more relevant plugins and those that are useful for the odd job are sidelined. So here is a couple of plugins that did not make the show but are still very useful and may help you save the day.

WordPress Plugin Reviews From John Overall

[plugin_name src=”social-networks-auto-poster-facebook-twitter-g”]

  • Repository page: [plugin_name src=”social-networks-auto-poster-facebook-twitter-g”] at WordPress.org
  • Plugin Home page: [plugin_name src=”social-networks-auto-poster-facebook-twitter-g”] Home Page
  • Current version: [plugin_version src=”social-networks-auto-poster-facebook-twitter-g”]
  • Last Updated: [plugin_last_updated src=”social-networks-auto-poster-facebook-twitter-g”]
  • Requires: [plugin_requires src=”social-networks-auto-poster-facebook-twitter-g”]
  • Tested up to: [plugin_tested src=”social-networks-auto-poster-facebook-twitter-g”]
  • Downloads all time: [plugin_dl src=”social-networks-auto-poster-facebook-twitter-g”]
  • Average rating: [plugin_rating src=”social-networks-auto-poster-facebook-twitter-g”]
  • Number of ratings: [plugin_num_ratings src=”social-networks-auto-poster-facebook-twitter-g”]

Download [plugin_name src=”social-networks-auto-poster-facebook-twitter-g”]
[plugin_name src=”social-networks-auto-poster-facebook-twitter-g”] Overview:

If you would like to auto post your site to multiple social media outlets this is a plugin for you. After the usual straightforward installation of the plugin you can head over to their page at http://www.nextscripts.com/installation-of-social-networks-auto-poster-for-wordpress/ where they have a full list and links to everywhere you need to configure the apps/api’s for connecting the plugin to the assorted social media outlets.

Rating: 3 out of 5


[plugin_name src=”wp-clear-rss-cache”]