What to Expect in WordPress 4.2: Theme Switching and Emoji Everywhere


What to Expect in WordPress 4.2: Theme Switching and Emoji Everywherehttps://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/wordpress-4-2/?utm_expid=3606929-28.V9Bw_8diSVaOFQtRZ6k9ZA.0A great update to the theme customizer is the ability to switch themes and make customizations without affecting the live site. This is a huge leap forward, allowing users to not just preview but modify the design of an inactive theme without resorting to plugins. If you’re interested, the chatter about this feature was added to ticket #31303.

To be honest, the Emoji craze has completely gone over my head but lots of people use them and it now seems to be a ubiquitous way of communicating, which means that it should be implemented in WordPress as well.

It seems that updating will still be included in 4.2 and can be tested easily. In fact, it’s pretty awesome. If all other features discussed work as smoothly as this feature, we’ll have a much better user experience dealing with plugins.

Developers can now add non-sticky admin notices, ones which users can dismiss. All you need to do is add .notice and .is-dismissable as classes to your notice containers and they should automagically become dismissable. Read original article here…

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