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A Fascinating Look At The WordPress Job Landscape


A Fascinating Look At The WordPress Job Landscape Engine released some interesting research into the “WordPress economy” and jobs that call for WordPress skills throughout the United States. The study utilized online listings from for WordPress-centric positions, and analyzed which jobs are most in demand, which areas show the most interest in WordPress skills, and which salaries are most common.

“WordPress is the most dominant content management system on the web today,” the report says. “It has a diverse user base comprising personal bloggers, Fortune 500 companies, and all types of businesses in between. WordPress’s flexibility makes the platform capable of meeting almost any business’s needs. When companies rely on WordPress for their blogging and content management system needs, they’re looking for competent professionals to handle the day-to-day operations. These roles can range from theme designers and software developers to writers and system administrators.”

Looking at data from, it found that WordPress has 65% of market share for sites using a CMS. Read original article here…

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