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Downgrade to Any WordPress Plugin or Theme Version


Downgrade to Any WordPress Plugin or Theme Version are some rare cases where WordPress themes and plugins need to be running at an older version number, due to various technical reasons like the server’s PHP version, inter-plugin dependencies, deprecated or older code in the current frontend theme.

There are also cases where the desired functionality for a particular website cannot be fully achieved unless using an older version of a plugin, or the site’s theme performed and loaded much faster in its previous versions.

For this kind of situations, you need to find the desired theme/plugin, search through its downloads history and download an older version. If sometimes you realize you need even an older release, you have to repeat the whole process and end up losing more time, keeping you from doing something else.

This process is now automated and can be carried out via WP Rollback, a plugin that can make this entire process as simple as clicking three links: (1) selecting the theme/plugin to downgrade, (2) choosing the version to go back to, and (3) pressing a final “Rollback” button. Read original article here…

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