WP Suite, Shoot the Zombie, Jellyfish Invaders, Asteroids Widget and ClassicPress options in Episode 420 WP Suite, Shoot the Zombie, Jellyfish Invaders, Asteroids Widget and ClassicPress options in Episode 420

It's Episode 420 and I've got plugins for Managing Multiple WP Sites, Zombie Hunting, Invaders from Space, Classic Gaming and ClassicPress Options. It's all coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z!
Episode #420 Zombie Hunting, Invaders from Space, Classic Gaming and @ClassicPress Options #WordPress #Plugins #Podcast Click To Tweet

It's Episode 420 and I've got plugins for Managing Multiple WP Sites, Zombie Hunting, Invaders from Space, Classic Gaming and ClassicPress Options. It's all coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z! It’s Episode 420 and I’ve got plugins for Managing Multiple WP Sites, Zombie Hunting, Invaders from Space, Classic Gaming and ClassicPress Options. It’s all coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z!

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Show Art – Angel Lemus

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Its here Episode 420 and I have some great stoner/fun plugins for your website.

I have a great set of plugins for you today!

I felt I should have at least one serious plugin for you today
Starting out I have a plugin that I have yet to use but felt you would want to know it exists. Keep in mind the ratings are based off the descriptions on their site and using their demo if available.

sent in by:
Angel Lemus

WP Suite


What they say:
Manage multiple WordPress sites from one dashboard.

Update plugins and themes in one place…

Manage comments & various wordpress actions in one place.

Here’s what you can do…

[+] Install Plugins & Themes.

[+] Manage Users & Content / Posts & Pages.

[+] Manage Media – Images & Videos.

[+] Change WordPress Settings & Update Software.

[+] Manage Categories & Tags.

and many other tasks …

What I have to say:
From looking this over I do not think it is an improvement over CMS commander aside from the one time fee. But, after 10 years of doing this I have discovered one thing those that only charge a one time fee end in one of two places. Closing down and disappearing due to lack of sustainability or they start charging a monthly/annul fee to stay in business. So quick research on this showed that is is not overwhelmingly received system and well it was hard to find anything about it aside from the flashy sales page.

Rating 3 Dragons.


WordPress news and info

A First Look at PHP 7.4

Malicious Plugin Used to Encrypt WordPress Posts

Cryptolocking WordPress Plugin Locks Up Blog Posts

Top 7 WordPress speed optimization mistakes to be avoided

Johns news:
Plugin Dynamics is starting to come to life and we have 4 plugins just about ready for general testing plus 3 more in the cue.
Date Calculator
Metric Conversions
Clock de Resistance
Tabular Data dynamics

in the development cue
the Tarot Reading plugin

All coming soon to https://PluginDynamics.com

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Gravity forms tooltips Magic Tooltips For Gravity Forms is a WordPress plugin that easily let’s you add tooltips to the Gravity Forms plugin form fields.

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Shoot the zombie


Requires:3.0 or higher
Compatible up to:4.1.32
Released:12 January 2015
Last Updated:14 January 2015
(5 star out of 5)

The Lowdown:
Yes this is a pretty old plugin but you can check it out here https://2030countdown.com/ running on a ClassicPress website. Add nothing to your site aside from a button that activates the Zombies and then you use your mouse button to shoot them as they slide across the screen.

Rating 5 Dragons

Jellyfish Invaders


Requires:3.0 or higher
Compatible up to:5.4.4
Released:06 January 2013
Last Updated:02 April 2020
(5 star out of 5)

The Lowdown:
Those of us who have been around a while will remember the Arcade Classic game Space Invaders well the little green men are patterned off of that glowing 8-bit scanline effects invaders that float about your screen. They are attracted to your mouse clicks and again do nothing really to add to your site but relieve the boredom of site creation. Again an older plugin you can check out here https://2030countdown.com/

Rating 5 Dragons

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Asteroids Widget


Requires:2.8 or higher
Compatible up to:3.3.2
Released:27 October 2010
Last Updated:27 January 2012
(5 star out of 5)

The Lowdown:
This is a take on the classic video game that helped start it all and I spent may quarters and hours playing when i was a kid.

This one has been in the WordPress repository so long without an update it might be one of the first 9k plugins I saw back when I started the show. It still work great even on a ClassicPress install using Elementor. You set it as a widget and can give some much needed info on which keys are needed to make it fly and just have fun blasting your site apart. By adding in the JellyFish Invaders you get additional targets to destroy that move around .

Have fun and don’t get too lost over at https://2030countdown.com/

Rating 5 Dragons

ClassicPress Options

ClassicPress is a fast growing fork of WordPress that is starting to come into its own. ClassicPress is focused on Business Websites runs fast and is looking pretty good. There are a few plugins specifically for ClassicPress and all plugins for WordPress 4.9.9 work well on it. I do believe it has a future.

One thing I am looking forward to in the ClassicPress World is the expansion of the number of ClassicPress specific plugins and their own repository. Currently there are not a lot of ClassicPress specific plugins but I do know it is going to grow and I’ll have to expand this segment then. Who knows, it could take over the whole show.

This week for ClassicPress I have:

Listen to the Interview with James Nylen and Michelle Coe from ClassicPress Two of the Leads for the ClassicPress Team, Michelle Coe (lead designer), and James Nylen (lead developer) it is a great interview so follow the link to listen to it.

The ClassicPress Milestone v1.1.0 target date for release is Wednesday, July 24, 2019. We’ll be updating our GitHub milestone regularly as we prepare for the release – feel free to check in there or in the #core channel in Slack for updates.

General info:
Article from CodePotent
Create a Static Widget in the ClassicPress Dashboard

For some up to date news on ClassicPress check out the ClassisPress Club news

My experiment with migrating a fully mature WordPress website over to ClassicPress and record the results of that for people to see. The videos is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-CPOcOljqA on our YouTube channel. I have completed the conversion of WP Plugins A to Z dev site to Classic press and it went quite well and all my plugins have continued to work well. Now the process of completing the theme update.

ClassicPress Resources:

The ClassicPress Club
An alternate forum for the non-techies.

“Must Have” Plugins List

To find a listing of ClassicPress specific plugins check out this link https://forums.classicpress.net/t/plugins-built-specifically-for-classicpress/1011?u=codepotent there is currently 37 plugins here and growing. I look forward to the day they have their own repository. I can still recall WP when it had a small repository.


Closing out this Episode the Plugins I covered were:

John’s Plugins: WP Suite – 3, Shoot the Zombie – 5, Jellyfish Invaders – 5, Asteroids Widget – 5

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