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Interview Show 25 with Martin Stewart from

Interview with Martin Stewart from CorgDesign.

Interview with Martin Stewart from CorgDesign.

Their website features three of his plugins:

  • Minimum Featured Image Size. Sometimes other site users upload tiny images, which causes them to display incorrectly or at low quality. This plugin forces them to upload properly sized images. It also works for custom posts, including WooCommerce galleries. Your images need to meet both the width and height requirement. If your image fails to meet these, the publish button is disabled and a warning message will be displayed.
  • WooHoo Lite, WooCommerce. Martin created this so clients could customize the WooCommerce site on their own, bypassing the need for a developer to help customize the design. Many things can be changed, e.g. categories, tags, breadcrumbs, pictures, etc. Pro lets you customize emails and admin notifications, also shipping price dependent on quantity. It puts all customization in one spot instead of all over back end coding. Bypasses needing a developer for customizing.
  • Visual Sitemap. This plugin lets you choose what pages are shown on the sitemap, each page’s icon and colours. The style sheets can also be edited. The icons used are from Font Awesome.

Find his work at

Reminder: If you’re a plugin developer and you’d like to appear on the show, you can schedule an interview, donate your plugin for an upcoming contest, or submit your plugin for review.

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