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Interview Show 24 with Omar from RexTheme

Interview 24 with Omar Faruque Simanta from RexTheme on Best WooCommerce Product Feed Manager.

Interview 24 with Omar Faruque Simanta  from RexTheme on Best WooCommerce Product Feed Manager.

This plugin is for e-commerce store owners on multiple platforms looking to make more revenue by expanding. It generates a product feed to be used with all of your e-commerce stores so you only have to update information once, which is a huge time saver.  You can install the plugin to the site where your items are and use the product feed to add it to any other marketplace you use (Google Shopping, eBay, etc). If you were to change everything manually, without the product feed, you would have to add it in each place.

Another plugin on their site is Social Booster, which re-shares your WordPress posts to other social medias.

Find the plugin here:

Reminder: If you’re a plugin developer and you’d like to appear on the show, you can schedule an interview, donate your plugin for an upcoming contest, or submit your plugin for review.

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