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ClassicPress / WordPress Tips & News for March 11, 2021

This weeks newsletter from: ClassicPress / WordPress Plugins News and Tips from WPPluginsAtoZ - The Longest Running ClassicPress & WordPress Plugins Podcast With Your Hosts Amber Overall & John Overall of

Last Week’s Show

Brain Stumped It's Episode 502 - We have plugins for Wasting Time, Shipping Goods, Random Text, Meetings, Logs, Teasing the AI....., and ClassicPress Options. It's all coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z! Embed Solitaire Iframe, Canada Post Shipping For WooCommerce,, Any Ipsum, Logtivity, MeetFox and ClassicPress options on Episode 502 It’s Episode 502 – ‘Brain Stump’, with plugins for Wasting Time, Shipping Goods, Random Text, Meetings, Logs, Teasing the AI …, and ClassicPress options. It’s all coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z!

Join Amber and John every Thursday at 11:45 am for the pre-stream and noon for the show!


The Contest

Enter The Contest to Win!!

Contests Powered by Simple Giveaways who kindly provides us with the premium version for our contests.

I do want to thank Charlie for coming to the aid of the show and getting our contests all organized. I also want to thank all the developers again for supporting our show with their plugin donations! Please check them out.

Short note about participating in the contests folks. Remember we go to great efforts to get these licenses and look for more participation from you the producers.

We are taking a hiatus from the contests for the next month.  Check back in April to learn about our next giveaway!

Visit for more info.

For all developers who would like to support the show. You can donate a premium license to be used in a future contest please go to


WP Plugins A to Z News

Note to the Artists who supporting us, we have a new system for submitting art work for the show You can also view the art work from the past. Currently you can see all the submissions for Episode 500 here and you can even vote on the art work. Please, get over there and vote!! Also, if yo have any feedback about the new system, please send it to us.

The image for the March 4 show is a downloadable watch face. Read below for how to get it for your watch.

HI Guys

I have designed a Watch Face for Android Watches dedicated to the WP Plugin A to Z podcast. From my blog, there is a real working watch face for Android Smart Watches. The files are available to download for free at this URL:

Keep up the good work

Yes, John is pimping out his daughter here, if you want to see her very pretty mug in the live stream it is now up to a $500 donation and until it happens that price will continue to go up… At the rate it is going she will never be live. Someone may want to start a Go Fund me to make her mug live.

Remember, you will want to hang around to the end of the show for our Q & A segment with Amber…. and to those listening on the podcast, you may want to check out the YouTube version which has some great discussions before the show starts…

The first episode of our podcast is here tune in near the end for some nostalgia about where the show has come from.

In Other News

Fake Google reCAPTCHA Phishing Attack Swipes Office 365 Passwords

New Full Site Editing Testing Challenge: Create a Custom 404 Page

The Ultimate List of Email SPAM Trigger Words

How to Reboot a Server Over SSH

FIN8 Resurfaces with Revamped Backdoor Malware

Molson Coors brewing operations disrupted by cyberattack

5 Reasons to Repurpose Your Podcast or Video Into a Pillar Blog Post

Cyberattackers Exploiting Critical WordPress Plugin Bug–PwT-ngqqqBPiqogg8DZX4N5gtkGnv4Ke3yMLW_qrc

Critical Vulnerability Patched in WooCommerce Upload Files

Darknet, dark web, deep web, and surface web — what’s the difference?

DDoS Ransom Attacks: What You Need to Know

WordPress News and Info

WordPress 5.7 Launches With One-Click HTTP to HTTPS Conversion
WordPress Considers Dropping Support for IE 11 After Usage Falls Below 1%
Yet another Conflict of Interest? gives priority to a handful of Hosting Providers
WP Engine Launches Atlas, the Future of Headless WordPress
The Events Calendar Adds Elementor Compatibility to Events Calendar Pro
How to Uninstall WordPress Plugins Cleanly

The hall of shame via Automattic:

Matt’s Famous Quotes


ClassicPress News and Info

Just a note for my ClassicPress listeners please send me info to help keep the ClassicPress section full.

There was a plugin suggestion for this week. Check out the plugin review!


Amber can be contacted at:
John can be contacted at:

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