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YouTube Analytics, Custom Comment Lead-In Text, Social Tracking, Loan Calculators, Country Restrictions

WordPress Plugins from A to Z Episode 129

It’s episode #129 and we’ve got plugins for YouTube Analytics, Custom Comment Lead-In Text, Social Tracking, Loan Calculators, Country Restrictions and an amazing new Contact Us plugin. All coming up next on WordPress Plugins A-Z.


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Jeff from has a question about random content items within widgets.

try Random text plugin


Mark couple questions about screen capture software and audio inputs.

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WordPress 3.6 Release Candidate The first release candidate for WordPress 3.6 is now available.

**WordPress Plugins Reviewed by John**



from swipp marketing

• Short video:

• Overview:

• Screenshots:

• Press release:

• Get started at:

 I was contacted about this plugin and asked to give it a check out so here goes..

 you can get the plugin at the above link

as easy as every other plugin to install and what does it do for you.. Since I am one of those crazy guys who goes to the instructions usually after I have had a play with it, I did similar here.

 installed the plugin, turns out you need to authentic with their service and its pretty painless just enter an email and a password and your authenticated very nice feature to make it so easy.. Then what.. Well make sure you hit the verify in the email sent to you..

 Well I guess I was expecting something to happen magically like a button appear or a widget be available for the sidebar but I could not seem to locate it at first.. I did finally figure out it is in the editor window where you can add it to a particular post or page.. The instructions should be a bit more clear on this

 I was disappointed however to find that the only way to create an account on their website was though facebook.. I abandoned it at that point since i am not a fan of running my signup stuff though facebook or any other social service. if I cannot use my own email and password i generally pass on accounts these days.

 the plugin however looks to provide some nice insights into social feelings for your posts or pages.. Will have to run it for a while to see where it leads.

 Rating 3 Dragons


Car Loan Application and Calculator Plugin 1.0

The lowdown:

This seemed to be an interesting plugin and with some tweaks you could possibly make it do more. On its own its pretty nice with a form for collecting info and a form for estimating a car loan.. I like what is there and it may have a future use for something I am in planning stages for.. Check it out

 Rating 3 dragons



Admin Block Country 1.0

The lowdown;

This is one I just discovered after a bunch of work on another site recently that was being hammered by certain countries.. You do have to install an additional plugin with this to make it work but it walks you though that very simple process.. Then just pick the countries you wish to block and you have blocked access for those countries to your admin area.. This may lighten the load on your site for attempted hack attempts since a dis-appropriate amount stems from a few countries.

Rating 3 Dragons



**WordPress Plugins Reviewed by Marcus**

YouTube Analytics Dashboard

Requires: 2.8 or higher

Compatible up to: 3.5.2

Last Updated: 2013-7-4

Downloads: 81

YouTube Analytics Dashboard allows you to view your YouTube video analytic views and statistics right in your WordPress dashboard. This helps to prevent going back and forth to your YouTube account and would also allow you the means to use this for clients. Permitting more data in the dashboard gives your client the reinforcement that their WordPress based domain is a web property and WordPress can be the “transparency conduit” for all other social arms out there, including YouTube. It also allows you to have access restrictions based on user role, so if you only want admins to see the data, it’s completely configurable with just a simple drop down. I love the direction that this plugin is going in and welcome more statistical and analytical based plugins from other developers to follow in the same manner. The more we can use the user dashboard to display external information, the better.

Rating: 4 out of 5


Custom Comment Form Title

Requires: 3.5 or higher

Compatible up to: 3.5.2

Last Updated: 2013-7-9

Downloads: 153

Custom Comment Form Title helps to encourage discussion by getting beyond the stock “Leave a reply” that follows a typical post. Instead, this plugin enables a new text input box in each individual post’s content editor.  This would let you customize the call to action for prompting your viewers to make a post. Anything from “Do you think this person is GUILTY? Why or Why Not?” to “Are you experiencing problems with your Gadget 2001 as well? Let us Know!”. Anything you want. It’s all customized per post to say whatever you want

Rating: 4 out of 5

Contact Us Page – Contact People

Requires: 3.3 or higher

Compatible up to: 3.5.2

Last Updated: 2013-7-10

Downloads: 2,313

Contact Us Page – Contact People is a very intense plugin by Steve Truman at A3 Revolution Software for displaying the contact information of people or fixed business locations from around the world. It does so with a very intuitive contact “blocks” like feature that is displayed on a grid overlay. Both individuals and departments can be featured as well as overall companies. Google maps are optional add-ins that can be enabled to show the main location and pins of each individual profile location on a map. You have the option to show as little or as much as you’d like in each individual profile. Another nice feature is that the plugin allows for direct e-mail submission from site visitors to each contact profile. It does so without displaying an e-mail address online, helping to prevent spam. It is also mobile optimized and can be design modified from a single column to a five column layout.

Rating: 4 out of 5

**Rambling Last Words and Plugin Wrapup

Swipp,  Car Loan Application and Calculator Plugin, Admin Block Country, YouTube Analytics Dashboard, Custom Comment Form Title, Contact Us Page – Contact People

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