WordPress Security Plugin Vulnerabilities for Oct 30th


WordPress Security Plugin Vulnerabilities for Oct 30thhttps://xxxxswww.wordfence.com/blog/2014/10/wordpress-security-plugin-vulnerabilities/This is a WordPress security report for Oct 30th 2014. We are publishing a list of current critical vulnerabilities that we want to draw your attention to. Please scan the list below and if you are using any of the products listed, or if you are aware of anyone using the products listed, please take the appropriate action which we include in each bullet point below.

If you are using any of these plugins, please take the action suggested in the bullet point above. Help spread the word to improve WordPress security for the WordPress community.

Keep Track of all WordPress Content Changeshttps://www.wpwhitesecurity.com/wordpress-plugins/monitor-wordpress-content-changes-wp-security-audit-log/When administering a busy multi user WordPress or WordPress multisite blog or website, it is vital to monitor content changes to ensure the integrity of the content, the website’s reputation and also to ensure that no malicious hacker is tampering the content with malicious code and malware.

When the content of a draft of published WordPress blog post, page or custom post type is changed the plugin will log such activity and alert you of such content change with the one of the WorPress security alert mentioned below:

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