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WordPress Plugins A-Z Recipe, Instagram & Multisite Plugins

It’s Episode #85 and we’ve got plugins for Recipes, Text Boxes, Featured Images, Instagram, Multisite plugin management and more. It’s all coming your way next on WordPress Plugins A-Z!

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John’s & Marcus Rant:

I was noticing the other day that the profile are needs a serious upgrade.. how about removing the AIM, Yahoo instant messenger and jabber Google talk and replacing it with something useful like twitter, Google plus, Skype and Facebook since that is what people use these days.

Listener Feedback / Audio Clips

Danny Mullen – question about plugins create custom landing page depending referral.

Redirection — Plugin

  • Custom ‘pass-through’ redirections allowing you to pass a URL through to another page, file, or website.
  • Full logs for all redirected URLs
  • All URLs can be redirected, not just ones that don’t exist
  • Redirection methods – redirect based upon login status, redirect to random pages, redirect based upon the referrer!

**WordPress Plugins Reviewed by John**

Simple Select All Text Box 2.3

The Lowdown:
This is a pretty simple plugin I went looking for it simply to find an easy way to enter selectable text into a post. Just install it and then wrap your your text in short code and make sure to set the number of rows or mot for oyur content. Now whenyour visitors see the content they simply need to click on it to select it and copy it to clipboard.

Rating 3 Dragons

Simple Auto Featured Image 1.0

The Lowdown:
This is a great ;little simple lazy plugin that we all like. Simply install activate the choose what to have auto added featured images posts, pages and any custom posts types and whenever they are created if they do not have an image it take the first fixed image and assigns it works very nice..
Rating 4 dragons.

Easy Recipe 2.2.8

The Lowdown:
OK here is the deal I had to replace the recipe plugin I was using on a clients site since the one we were using became nonfunctional for our needs. I found this great recipe plugin. And after installing it and playing around a bit I decided to try and convert over one of the old recipes to see how we could use the information there. This does require some work and a little time but is well worth it. after you change post type then you copy and paste your old data to the correct new positions and save. then you can tweak the recipe with their live formatting a very slick feature. It also has a link after you save that will take you to google to tweak the rich snippets of the post. I think this will even make the SEO better for this site. You also get the ability to adjust the print function and how the recipe will print if someone does print it.

Rating 5 Dragons… Wow what a beauty…

**WordPress Plugins Reviewed by Marcus**

Advanced WPMU Plugin Manager

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.4.1
Last Updated: 2012-8-31
Downloads: 73

A plugin which Enable Network admin/Super admin to manage the Plugins for Individual Blog in the Multi site network.

Marcus’ Take: In WordPress Network/WPMU we have option for Enabling plugins for network wide but we don’t always have the option to customize it for each individual specific Blog/site. So with the help of this plugin you can have that feature. If you want to enable plugin in some sites but not throughout the network then this plugin is for you!

Rating: 5 Dragons


Requires: 2.7 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.4.1
Last Updated: 2012-9-4
Downloads: 117

Instagrab is a WordPress plugin that grabs images from one or more Instagram hashtags and create a post for each image.

Marcus’ Take:
This was a great solution for a client that wanted to post pics of their trade shows from the road but didn’t want to go through the curve of learning anything about WordPress. They simply added a specific hashtag in their photo, and it was on their WP site within the hour. Good stuff

Rating: 4 Dragons

Category Sticky Post

Requires: 3.4.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.4.1
Last Updated: 2012-8-27
Downloads: 100

Mark a post to be placed at the top of a specified category archive. It’s sticky posts specifically for categories.

Category Sticky Post…

  • Allows you to select which category in which to stick a post
  • Will display the post on the top of the first page of the archive just like built-in sticky posts
  • Will only allow you to stick a single post per category
  • Displays whether or not a post is stuck in a category on the Post Edit dashboard
  • Provides light styling that should look good in most themes
  • Is available on each post editor page
  • Is fully localized and ready for translation

Marcus’ Take:
I was working with a coupon code site that frequently requires me to make certain offers a “featured deal”. But when you have 30 categories, the featured deals end up dominating your first page. This plugin keeps the featured deal in the pinned to the top of individual categories, not bleeding all over each other. Its nice that it limits it to just one post per category as able to be “stuck” to the category.

Rating: 5 Dragons


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