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WordPress Plugins from A to Z Episode 54, Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Enjoy the Solstice, Happy Mid-Winter Feast

Crazy TimeWordPress Plugins from A to Z Episode 54  Dec 23, 2011

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Enjoy the Solstice, Happy Mid-Winter Feast, This is a Christmas special with some holiday plugins or maybe just what we find..

John’s & Marcus Rant: What to rant about?

Just a merry Christmas rambles for the whole podcast.. My beefs with WordPress 3.3, while I love some of the new features a couple just annoy the f*** out of me. Tune in for all the gory details on what I think is great as well as what I have found to be a pain, also tune in to find out if anything broke during the update.


Shout Outs:

Ingmar Stotz looking for someone to develop a plugin contact me and I’ll pass along his info.

List of interesting sites that run on WordPress:


World of WordPress News and other interesting WordPress related posts:

Stop Your Clients From Deactivating Important WordPress Plugins


List of Plugins:


Repent the end is near—–Johns Plugins——-

Ok I couldn’t refuse a couple Christmas Plugins..


Christmas countdown clock


What They Say:

Christmas countdown clock showing days and hours until Christmas day. Select from several designs, sizes, animations and backgrounds

  • Select from a range of designs
  • Select size, background colours, pictures or animations
  • Full range of designs can be seen at


What we Say:

Was really liking it until I hit 2 snags not able to change to my own picture and its link off my site not opening in a new page.

Rating 2 Dragons

Christmas lights

What they say:

Add nice looking animated Christmas lights to the top of your WP site and enjoy winter. The script has very small footprint (1.6kb only). For more information take a look at the video preview


What we say:

Very nice and simple except they fall behind my theme and can only bee seen on a large screen.. Sorry guys..

Rating 3 Dragons

Xhristmas(Christmas) Lights


What they say:

Add nice looking animated Xhristmas(Christmas) Lights to the top of site.

Links: Author Homepage


What we say:

This one works great simple and elegant..

Rating 5 Dragons..



MGM LionSnowflakes (and more)


What they say:

Snowflakes (and more) falling down your blog! There are snowflakes, leaves, drops – and balloons that can float upwards. You can simply add more images in the pics folder and they will appear on the settings page. I also happily accept images submitted to me as long as they are properly licensed.

You can configure the number of snowflakes and limit the plugin to specific posts or pages.


What we say:

Pretty cool has a great choice of snow flakes to choose from. You also get the chance to limit it to certain pages, have multiple types of flakes and even Santa. Love this simple plugin for a short festive season. Plus you can add balloons for other events if you like. Also the snow stops after a set time so you make it less annoying to your visitors if you like.

Rating 5 Dragons.

——Marcus Plugins———-

.htaccess Redirect

This plugin modifies your .htaccess file to redirect requests to new locations. This is especially useful (and intended) to redirect requests to web locations/pages outside of your WordPress installation to pages now in WordPress.Rating 4 out of 5

Very useful plugin that works great. The normal routine of having to download the htaccess file via ftp and hand editing in notepad was a pain in the rear and if you were working remotely or on an ipad, it just wasn’t an option for htaccess editing. Looks like this plugin may have closed that gap.–TWO–

Rock itShow/Hide Content at Set Time shortcodes which you can wrap around text, which specify at what date or time that content should appear or disappear. Great for competitions

Bear in mind that by just entering a date, it will assume a time of midnight at the beginning of that date. So if you set your expiration date to today, it will expire at the beginning of today (12:00:00AM), not the end of the day. If you would prefer to show the content for the rest of today, then you should set your expiration date to tomorrow.

What We Say
Great concept, but would love to see a plugin that can use time of day for events. Something that I can turn off and on when live help is available, or simply display an OPEN sign for a business that gets phone calls or store traffic.

Rating 3 out of 5


Some Terms here for plugins: Nothing special this week..


In closing here is what is coming in future podcasts:

An interview with Scott Cariss the creator of the File Monitor plugin coming soon, just as soon as I can connect with him.

scroll plugins or banner tickers

Commenting plugins

404 redirect plugins

Ad banners plugins

More Lazy Plugins

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Some of the music provided tonight is from Mevio’s Music Alley. Check it out at ‘

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