WordPress Plugins A-Z #178

WordPress Plugins A-Z #178

It’s episode 178 and we’ve got plugins for Outdated Posts, Page Speed Enhancement, Advanced comment notification, easy site owner verification, and a Travel logging plugin for when you’re on Vacation. It’s all coming up next, on the top podcast in the WordPress Nation!

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Listener Feedback
Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting has a question about restoring padding and border functions in images that was lost after 3.9.release. Dave, use Advanced Image Styles plugin and you’ll have the functionality back once again!

WordPress Plugin Reviews From John Overall

[plugin_name src=”custom-comment-notifications”]

  • Repository page: [plugin_name src=”custom-comment-notifications”] at WordPress.org
  • Plugin Home page: [plugin_name src=”custom-comment-notifications”] Home Page
  • Current version: [plugin_version src=”custom-comment-notifications”]
  • Last Updated: [plugin_last_updated src=”custom-comment-notifications”]
  • Requires: [plugin_requires src=”custom-comment-notifications”]
  • Tested up to: [plugin_tested src=”custom-comment-notifications”]
  • Downloads all time: [plugin_dl src=”custom-comment-notifications”]
  • Average rating: [plugin_rating src=”custom-comment-notifications”]
  • Number of ratings: [plugin_num_ratings src=”custom-comment-notifications”]

Download [plugin_name src=”custom-comment-notifications”]
[plugin_name src=”custom-comment-notifications”] Overview:
This is a great plugin to customize the outgoing email provided by WordPress. It allows you to make custom changes to what is otherwise a bland email and sometimes not clear. You can add several variables to make the emails you get more understandable customize the subject line so they get through your spam trap and if you have multiple sites you can know at a glance which site it is from. All in all pretty good.

Rating: 4 out of 5

[plugin_name src=”outdated-post-notice”]

  • Repository page: [plugin_name src=”outdated-post-notice”] at WordPress.org
  • Plugin Home page: [plugin_name src=”outdated-post-notice”] Home Page
  • Current version: [plugin_version src=”outdated-post-notice”]
  • Last Updated: [plugin_last_updated src=”outdated-post-notice”]
  • Requires: [plugin_requires src=”outdated-post-notice”]
  • Tested up to: [plugin_tested src=”outdated-post-notice”]
  • Downloads all time: [plugin_dl src=”outdated-post-notice”]
  • Average rating: [plugin_rating src=”outdated-post-notice”]
  • Number of ratings: [plugin_num_ratings src=”outdated-post-notice”]

Download [plugin_name src=”outdated-post-notice”]
[plugin_name src=”outdated-post-notice”] Overview:

Rating: 4 out of 5

Peekaboo Timer

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  1. Christian Zumbrunnen
    Christian Zumbrunnen says:

    5 Dragons for On The Road seems a little biased to me.
    On my host, the plugin didn’t function at all “oiut of the box” since by default allow furl_open is set to “no”. So I had to configure the php.ini.
    Then I could insert maps in posts as well as in journeys but viewing journeys led to an error messag. Do I need a special template? MAybe it will function with another theme but as is, it doesn’t function and there is no documentation.
    I already contacted the plugin author because the plugin does in fact look very promising!

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