WordPress Plugins A-Z #169

WordPress Plugins A-Z #169

It’s episode 169 and we’ve got plugins for Ascending Posts, Digital Sales, Blackjack Category Email Subscriptions, Whatsapp Mobile Sharing and automated Google Alert posting. All coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z!

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WordPress News

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WordPress Plugin Reviews From John Overall

[plugin_name src=”sell-media”]

  • Repository page: [plugin_name src=”sell-media”] at WordPress.org
  • Plugin Home page: [plugin_name src=”sell-media”] Home Page
  • Current version: [plugin_version src=”sell-media”]
  • Last Updated: [plugin_last_updated src=”sell-media”]
  • Requires: [plugin_requires src=”sell-media”]
  • Tested up to: [plugin_tested src=”sell-media”]
  • Downloads all time: [plugin_dl src=”sell-media”]
  • Average rating: [plugin_rating src=”sell-media”]
  • Number of ratings: [plugin_num_ratings src=”sell-media”]

Download [plugin_name src=”sell-media”]
[plugin_name src=”sell-media”] Overview:
In my long quest to find a plugin to sell digital images I do believe I have found the one that works best at last. I may have made mention of this plugin in past shows but though I would bring it forth again. This plugin is developed like so many are now where you get a great free plugin and then you will need to spend a few bucks to expand it if that is your needs. I am using this plugin on a long time project that is finally coming towards completion that of a stock photo website https://CanadaStockPhoto.com As it turns out this plugin offers up a great way to not only sell digital images but also other items such as pdfs, it has the ability with the added buy in features to water mark images integrate with mailchimp and one thing I was looking for the ability to set up additional photographers and allow them to collect off their sales of images. You can vary pricing of an image by type of license and more. This one is pretty god.

Rating: 5 out of 5

[plugin_name src=”wpgalerts”]

  • Repository page: [plugin_name src=”wpgalerts”] at WordPress.org
  • Plugin Home page: [plugin_name src=”wpgalerts”] Home Page
  • Current version: [plugin_version src=”wpgalerts”]
  • Last Updated: [plugin_last_updated src=”wpgalerts”]
  • Requires: [plugin_requires src=”wpgalerts”]
  • Tested up to: [plugin_tested src=”wpgalerts”]
  • Downloads all time: [plugin_dl src=”wpgalerts”]
  • Average rating: [plugin_rating src=”wpgalerts”]
  • Number of ratings: [plugin_num_ratings src=”wpgalerts”]

Download [plugin_name src=”wpgalerts”]
[plugin_name src=”wpgalerts”] Overview:
Well this one has some promise and is still in beta but will probably be great once complete. If you do not know what a Google alert is then you need to start using them. It is a daily feed from Google of article related to your select keywords very useful for tracking news on the web. At any rate what this plugin does is allow you to place that feed into your site to supply a little additional content. A couple of drawbacks but can also be a benefit is that you are limited in the articles you can display and they need to be manually approve for viewing.

Rating: 3 out of 5

[plugin_name src=”ascending-posts”]

  • Repository page: [plugin_name src=”ascending-posts”] at WordPress.org
  • Plugin Home page: [plugin_name src=”ascending-posts”] Home Page
  • Current version: [plugin_version src=”ascending-posts”]
  • Last Updated: [plugin_last_updated src=”ascending-posts”]
  • Requires: [plugin_requires src=”ascending-posts”]
  • Tested up to: [plugin_tested src=”ascending-posts”]
  • Downloads all time: [plugin_dl src=”ascending-posts”]
  • Average rating: [plugin_rating src=”ascending-posts”]
  • Number of ratings: [plugin_num_ratings src=”ascending-posts”]

Download [plugin_name src=”ascending-posts”]
[plugin_name src=”ascending-posts”] Overview:
This is a nice and simple plugin that will allow you to change the display of your posts in the archive from ascending to descending. Simple install then goto the category edit and change the sort order simple and effective.

Rating: 4 out of 5

WordPress Plugin Reviews From Marcus Couch

[plugin_name src=”blackjack-lite”]

  • Repository page: [plugin_name src=”blackjack-lite”] at WordPress.org
  • Plugin Home page: [plugin_name src=”blackjack-lite”] Home Page
  • Current version: [plugin_version src=”blackjack-lite”]
  • Last Updated: [plugin_last_updated src=”blackjack-lite”]
  • Requires: [plugin_requires src=”blackjack-lite”]
  • Tested up to: [plugin_tested src=”blackjack-lite”]
  • Downloads all time: [plugin_dl src=”blackjack-lite”]
  • Average rating: [plugin_rating src=”blackjack-lite”]
  • Number of ratings: [plugin_num_ratings src=”blackjack-lite”]

Download [plugin_name src=”blackjack-lite”]
[plugin_name src=”blackjack-lite”] Overview:

Blackjack Lite is a quick and easy plugin to present an attractive Blackjack game to your readers. It is based on HTML5/jQuery, and the whole game is played on your reader’s browser. Your server is gets no extra load, nor is anything stored in your database.

Rating: 3 out of 5

[plugin_name src=”mobile-sharebar”]

  • Repository page: [plugin_name src=”mobile-sharebar”] at WordPress.org
  • Plugin Home page: [plugin_name src=”mobile-sharebar”] Home Page
  • Current version: [plugin_version src=”mobile-sharebar”]
  • Last Updated: [plugin_last_updated src=”mobile-sharebar”]
  • Requires: [plugin_requires src=”mobile-sharebar”]
  • Tested up to: [plugin_tested src=”mobile-sharebar”]
  • Downloads all time: [plugin_dl src=”mobile-sharebar”]
  • Average rating: [plugin_rating src=”mobile-sharebar”]
  • Number of ratings: [plugin_num_ratings src=”mobile-sharebar”]

Download [plugin_name src=”mobile-sharebar”]
[plugin_name src=”mobile-sharebar”] Overview:
Displays a customizable bar with WhatsApp and Facebook share buttons on top or bottom of your website. Currently the WhatsApp Button only works on iPhones, so the ShareBar will be displayed only to those who access your page with an iPhone.
Rating: 3 out of 5

[plugin_name src=”st-category-email-subscribe”]

  • Repository page: [plugin_name src=”st-category-email-subscribe”] at WordPress.org
  • Plugin Home page: [plugin_name src=”st-category-email-subscribe”] Home Page
  • Current version: [plugin_version src=”st-category-email-subscribe”]
  • Last Updated: [plugin_last_updated src=”st-category-email-subscribe”]
  • Requires: [plugin_requires src=”st-category-email-subscribe”]
  • Tested up to: [plugin_tested src=”st-category-email-subscribe”]
  • Downloads all time: [plugin_dl src=”st-category-email-subscribe”]
  • Average rating: [plugin_rating src=”st-category-email-subscribe”]
  • Number of ratings: [plugin_num_ratings src=”st-category-email-subscribe”]

Download [plugin_name src=”st-category-email-subscribe”]
[plugin_name src=”st-category-email-subscribe”] Overview:
Surprisingly there is no plugin available to allow users to subscribe for posts on a wordpress website based on category. A subscriber for one category might not want to receive posts of another category. This plugin will help you to do that. Once a subscriber is added for a particular category, he/she will receive emails as soon as a post is published in that category.

Features 1. Add Subscribers for their desired category 2. Use Widget or Short Code to display Subscriber Form 3. Add the Subscribers manually, or upload in batch from a CSV file 4. Email will be sent to all subscribers as soon as a post is published in that category

Rating: 4 out of 5

Plugins Overview:
John’s Plugins: [plugin_name src=”sell-media”] – 5, [plugin_name src=”wpgalerts”] – 3, [plugin_name src=”ascending-posts”] – 4
Marcus’ Plugins: [plugin_name src=”blackjack-lite”] – 4, [plugin_name src=”mobile-sharebar”] – 3, [plugin_name src=”st-category-email-subscribe”] – 4

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    Great episode and suggestions! Just installing the Google Alerts on a site that I need this exact functionality for. Both sides are great ideas.. as a way to gather information for future blog post or to even have a auto generated culling for keywords/topics.

    Keep up the great work!


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