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WordPress / ClassicPress Tips & News for June 3, 2021

This weeks newsletter from: WordPress / ClassicPress Plugins News and Tips from WPPluginsAtoZ - The Longest Running WordPress & ClassicPress Plugins Podcast With Your Hosts Amber Overall & John Overall of

Last Week’s Show

It’s Episode 514 – ‘ No Sound Escapes from WordPress ‘, with plugins for Showing Your Sales, Playing with Pinterest, Inserting Code, Stock Control, and ClassicPress options. It’s all coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z!

Join Amber and John every Thursday at 11:45 am for the pre-stream and noon for the show!


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I do want to thank Charlie for coming to the aid of the show and getting our contests all organized. I also want to thank all the developers again for supporting our show with their plugin donations! Please check them out.

Short note about participating in the contests folks. Remember we go to great efforts to get these licenses and look for more participation from you the producers.

We are taking a hiatus from the contests until June 2021. Watch for more information on our social media pages.

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For all developers who would like to support the show. You can donate a premium license to be used in a future contest please go to or book an interview with John!


WP Plugins A to Z News

Thank you to all our contributing artist for supplying us with new creative cover art for the show.  We appreciate the time and effort you put into them for the show.

Check out the new system for submitting art work for the show You can also view the art work from the past and you can even vote on the art work. Please, get over there and vote!! Also, if yo have any feedback about the new system, please send it to us.

Remember, you will want to hang around to the end of the show for our Q & A segment with Amber…. and to those listening on the podcast, you may want to check out the YouTube version which has some great discussions before the show starts…

If you would like to send something to WP Plugins A to Z you can send to the following address:

WP Plugins A to Z
C/O John Overall
20-754 E Fairview Rd.
Victoria, BC V9A 5T9

In Other News

Basic break down of what Bill C10 is about for those of our listeners who reside in Canada.

Online Word Camp scheduled to run from June 7 – June 9.

Back up your entire computer with a USB drive – this is more of an ad than an article, but skipping over the ad bits, I was able to gleam that this USB stick backs up everything to a cloud. If you are already using a cloud to back things up, this could be a great idea for you.

Logo trend report – neat list I came across. This is the trend report for 2021, so if you’re looking for idea’s, this might be useful.

Beware of the Android FluBot android malware! Cute name, but pretty bad for you if you get this.

Cyber Attacks bring down major meat supplier JBS in the USA. Cyber attacks seem to be focused on USA right now – but I personally believe that we will start seeing them in Canada before too long.

WordPress News and Info

Ujwal Thapa, co-founder of WordPress Nepal Community has passed this last week. This is a link that talks a little bit about him for those who were aware of and/or knew him.

Google’s Chrome Canary now has a feature flag to allow users to opt out – Chrome Canary is the raw and unfinished browser of the Chrome we know and love, and the fact that there is a feature flag allowing users to opt out is, in my opinion, a positive thing! Perhaps the opt out flag showing up here means that we will see it in the fully completed Chrome sooner than we had hoped!

Heads up for everyone using Windows – unveiling of new Windows is coming on June 24th! They are being a bit hush-hush about what the new version will have in it, but there are rumours that it will have dual screen features in it, as that is something they were focusing on with Windows 10X before they shut that down.

Google voices concerns about Bill C10 in Canada and the effects that it might have on both creators and viewers. (basic break down of Bill C10 in the extras) It seems that Google is mostly worried about their algorithms being negatively impacted, but the concern is valid about the effects that this bill may have on both creators and viewers.

Gutenberg brings in an Image duotone filter for WordPress 5.8! This could be lots of fun for people who use Gutenberg.

Tips Tuesday with MayAnna on BlogAid! Her site is amazingly helpful, and this week’s Tips Tuesday has some pretty awesome things that she covers, including (though not limited to) Site speed, Future of Plugins, and FLoC Block.

The hall of shame via Automattic:

Matt’s Famous Quotes


ClassicPress News and Info

Just a note for my ClassicPress listeners please send me info to help keep the ClassicPress section full.

Codepotent leaving the ClassicPress system

ClassicPress directory update


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