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Weekly Round up WordPress News old and new November 14, 2016

This is a weekly round up of WordPress news I have accumulated from across the web some old some new but always interesting. The new relates to WordPress and sometimes other areas of the web. It often has a ficus on security and more.

This is a weekly round up of WordPress news I have accumulated from across the web some old some new but always interesting. The new relates to WordPress and sometimes other areas of the web. It often has a focus on security and more.This is a weekly round up of WordPress news I have accumulated from across the web some old some new but always interesting. The new relates to WordPress and sometimes other areas of the web. It often has a focus on security and more.

We try to have news here that is not only important to help you with your website as well as new from the #wpdrama scene and more to share.

When it comes time to migrate a WordPress website there are many ways to accomplish this task. This article has some tips for you.

How to Export WordPress URLs (Using Two Different Methods) your WordPress site to a new host, or setting up redirects, are common practices for those who run into problems with their hosting provider or site structure. They’re just two of many scenarios in which you would need to export WordPress URLs.

Fortunately, there are a number of free plugins and tools to help you get the job done. In this post, we’ll explain why you’d need to export your WordPress URLs, then show you how to do it using two different methods. By the time we’re done, you’ll be able to export WordPress URLs with aplomb! Read original article here….

What was to be a new feature in WordPress 4.7 has been pulled due to it not being completely ready.

A New Way to Search, Preview, and Install Themes in the Customizer Removed From WordPress 4.7 testers may have noticed a new feature in WordPress 4.7 beta 1 that enabled users to search, preview, and install themes from within the customizer. This feature was part of five feature projects related to the customizer that were approved for merge last month. Its goal is to unify the theme browsing and customizing experience.

It was removed in WordPress 4.7 beta 2. Helen Hou-Sandí, WordPress 4.7 release lead, reverted the change after collecting feedback. Some of the reasons for reverting the feature include: Read original article here….


Looking for mobile ease for your site check out this article.

5 plugins to help your WordPress site reach mobile nirvana your company or personal WordPress site mobile-friendly? If not, here are five plugins to help you achieve mobile nirvana.

WordPress has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a blog-specific platform. Now the open source platform hosts sites of all types (from blogs to ecommerce). Because the global default is slowly evolving to a mobile-first frame of mind, it’s become increasingly important that your site be smartphone- and tablet-friendly.

How can you achieve such a feat? Fortunately, there are plenty of WordPress plugins that will make your site as easily viewable on mobile devices as it is on desktop devices. I’ve found five such plugins that I feel help to make your WordPress site as mobile-friendly as possible. Read original article here….

SEO is the most important thing you will do to your website check these tips to help you out.

8 Tips to Improve SEO of your WordPress Website, we’ll discuss with you 8 quick tips on how you can decrease page loading time and optimize your site.

Before applying these tips to your site, check the speed of your website using a free performance service such as YSlow, Google PageSpeed Insights or GTMetrix. You’ll get to know your website’s current speed. Read original article here….

Time for a WordPress site checkup use the tips in this article to help you make sure you’re good to go.

Time For Your WP Checkup’t it be great if there was a WordPress tool that you could use to quickly scan a site for performance, SEO and security? Well, now there is – and you can try her out for free. Say hello to WP Checkup.

What we’ve done is bring all of our experience in speeding up your site (WP Smush, Hummingbird), keeping it secure (Defender) and improving your SEO (SmartCrawl) and rolled it into one service that will identify any issues you might have and give you hints and tips on how to fix them. Read original article here….

This is a great artivcle on why so many Internet marketers choose WordPress as thier platform of chioce to build thiuer websityes on.

Why Leading Marketers Choose WordPress what makes WordPress so popular?

To understand why leading marketing experts choose WordPress, it helps to know a little about the history of web publishing, the old technologies that WordPress replaced – and the competing technologies trying to knock WordPress off its perch.

Back In 1990, a guy called Tim Berners-Lee was working for a nuclear research lab in Switzerland called CERN. Tim was looking for a way of enabling researchers based in remote locations to organize their information.

Instead of forcing people to download individual documents, Tim’s idea was to make it possible to download and display documents with a single click. Not only that, but Tim also wanted to link documents together using the text contained in the documents themselves. Read original article here….

An old article with a look back at WordPress news from 2014

A Look Back at WordPress News in 2014, Part 1 of 2 the course of a year, a lot of things happen in the WordPress ecosystem and in 2014, the Tavern published over 900 posts. I’ve created a list of headlines from the first-half of 2014 where you can see the progression of stories, businesses, and products at a glance. The list indicates it was a busy year for several companies.

The stories included here are handpicked based on their newsworthiness, importance, and whether they generated a healthy discussion in the comments. The posts are in chronological order starting with January. Read original article here….



Well that’s a wrap for this week more next week from WP Plugins A to Z.





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