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Transcript of Training video- How to Place Image in WordPress Post Page WP Plugins A to Z

This is a transcript of one of the great training videos from John Overall. This is a straightforward one for people to use on how to properly insert images into your post content.

WordPress Plugins A to Z Podcast and Transcript for this training video.

How to Place Image in WordPress Post Page

This is one of the great training videos from John Overall at WP Plugins A to Z. This is a straightforward one for people to use on how to properly insert images into your post content. Now we’re going to run through this from basically the beginning and easy part, and once you’ve already got your content in, then you need to get your images placed up on here.

So what you’ll need to do is first, you’ll need to click on the Add Media button right here at the top of your post. Once you click on that, it’ll open up a window for you and you can go open up your window inside your computer, such as this, and you can go grab the image you want and then drag it over and drop it. You can get all the images you want to use in one easy shot, from all the different places you’re going to use. That way, you get them all uploaded and ready to go.

Once you have the image uploaded and ready, what it’ll do is it’ll give you the ability to then customize it up. You can go customize it up and change the title on it – you know, whatever you want to call that thing. You can give it basically whatever you want as a title. Make sure you fill in the ALT tag and the Description tag also in here as it adds a little bit more. If you want a caption underneath your image, you would then fill in that information here in the Captions spot.

While you’re at it, finish up the other image, get that information added. This allows you to have great titles on everything already set to go. And then you can then click Insert Into Post for the image, and it’ll insert it into the post wherever you had your cursor last set.

We’re going to back it out for a second and remove the images since we ended up inserting both the images, and we’re going to verify where we’re at. We’re going to put the cursor right here at the beginning of the first paragraph of text right below the headline. Then we go back to the Add Media button. Your images are already uploaded; you can click on the Upload Files tab and they should be right there (or it may be a Library tab, which is where they’re at).

We’re going to add in first this one here – our beautiful little headstone for this current post. You can go down to the bottom here, choose where you want that image to go, whether you want it right aligned, left aligned, center aligned, or no alignment. Link it to the media tab itself or you can even custom URL link, too. And custom URL for it is very easy. This gives you the ability to then – if someone clicks the image, redirect them to another page or post.

Then you can choose the size of thumbnail you’re going to have. You can have the full image, a medium size, small – generally choose something average on what you need, then you can insert it into the post.

Once it inserts, it just inserts it right into it, left aligns it, and then we’re going to drop down here real quick and we’re going to add in the second image. This time, we’ll add it to the left-hand side. So we’ll choose that image, we’ll come down, we’ll go have it left aligned, and this time we’ll choose a small thumbnail of 150. Custom URL it again, insert it into the post, and it places it right here to the side.

Now the other thing you need to do about your images on your post is you need to set a featured image. To do that, scroll down your post until you get to the box on your right-hand column called Featured Image. Click Set Featured Image, go choose the image you want to be the featured image for the post, select, and set it.

Then what you need to do is go save it all as a draft so you can take a look at it. Once the draft has been saved, you can then click on the View Preview Post button, opens it up, so you can get a look at what your post is going to look like – and this is how this post is going to look – all set and ready to go.

Okay, I hope that helps everyone out. Thanks very much for listening. This has been John Overall at

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