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Transcript of Episode 519 WP Plugins A to Z

Mid Summer Blues It's Episode 519 - We have plugins for Time Wasting, Saving Time, Deliveries ... and ClassicPress Options. It's all coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z!

All transcripts start from the point in the show where we head off into the meat and potatoes. They are the complete verbatim of John and Amber’s discussion of this weeks plugins that have been reviewed.

WordPress Plugins A to Z Podcast and Transcript for See complete show notes for Episode #519 here.

Mid Summer Blues It’s Episode 519 – We have plugins for Time Wasting, Saving Time, Deliveries … and ClassicPress Options. It’s all coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z!

Episode #519


John:                All right, first off, ClassicPress options, nothing special this week. As we’ve mentioned, we’re just going to keep this here because we’re not really have a chance to do any ClassicPress, but if any listeners show up and want us to showcase stuff, please point us in the right direction, send us links, emails, all kinds of stuff. Even if you want to write reviews of plugins or themes that are ClassicPress specific, send them to us. We’ll get you in here on the show.

So what do I got from WordPress plugins? I’ve got some plugins for you. The first one I’ve got for you this week is called Orderable Pro. And Orderable is one that we are currently running a contest on. We’ll talk about that a little bit later. But Orderable, I’ve started checking this out and started installing this up on the Rogues Tavern to allow for people to place orders, and then pick them up at a later date. Preferably pick them up at my Saturday market or pick them up when I’m up Island at the oasis. This would be a really great tool for you if you run a website, a WooCommerce site that has products that you’re already delivering the people, or people can come pick up from your place of business or somewhere else. This allows them to order up the items they want, tell you when they’re going to pick them up, or what delivery hour window you’d like to set it up, like you can go in there set up delivery hour windows, when you will deliver it, they can choose that delivery hour window. You can have pickup windows in there. You can — it’s mobile-friendly. It’s your own platform; you won’t have to pay for all of those other organizations out there. I can’t even think of them, you know, skip the dishes or all the other things, you know, pay those ridiculous fees. This is especially good for a business, a restaurant or pizza place, or something that’s got a WordPress website that uses a WooCommerce store to do their orders. They can bypass that fee, own their own platform, save themselves a lot of money. It’s got some really cool order layouts. You can put product add-ons on there, one-page ordering time slots, the order flow, you know, holiday scheduling, a whole lot goes into this plugin. This is a pretty nice plugin, and it’s relatively new, and you’ll want to go check this out. They do have a bit of a special on right now a pre-launch offer. Go order it up and check it out. It’s called Orderable. And you can get it at And I give it a five-dragon rating

Okay, the next one I’ve got for you. Everybody wastes way too much time on the Internet. Well, let’s give you another way to waste even more time. Here you go. Go get WoPo Minesweeper. Now, anyone who’s been around windows long enough knows that Minesweeper was a really big game back around windows 3.1, I think, somewhere around there. You can waste way too much time playing Minesweeper. Well, here’s a way to help you waste even more time. Load this up on your website. All you got to do is drop the shortcode on any page, and then what happens when someone hits that page, it loads a pop-up window where Minesweeper’s at, and you can sit there and play Minesweeper forever mind-numbing timing you want to play, really cool. It’s old-school fun game. I’ve never been able to master it. I’m constantly blowing it up. I did try it, and I wasted a little bit of time this morning checking it out. Anyway, go check it out WoPo Minesweeper. And I give it a five-dragon rating

The final plugin I’ve got for you here today is One Page Checkout for WooCommerce. This one here, if you’re just running a regular WooCommerce site, and you want to make things easier, what you can do is install this plugin, set it up, and it means that when people place things into their shopping cart, they no longer have to go to the shopping cart. They can just go straight to the payment page, and the checkout page where it shows everything listed, everything nice and clean, know what they’ve got, they can adjust it all. It’s a One Page Checkout, fill it all out, know what they’ve got, pay you the money, and be done and out of your store. This is a pretty cool-looking plugin — really new plugin, something that seems to work okay. It doesn’t have any problems, and I kind of like it. So, I’m going to give it a five-dragon rating

Go check it out. It’s a One Page Checkout for WooCommerce. Since I’m going to have a short show today — all right, well, no, anything else we got here is to talk about the wonderful…

Absolutely, it’s our contest, and thanks to Steve Goodtime and Brent Matthews for that jingle. And again, I like to thank Charlie for helping us out with this contest and getting it fully organized for us procuring the licenses, you know, responding to different things in here, and doing such a fantastic job with it. Thank you very much, Charlie, for all the time you put into this. This week’s contest — oh, before I go, one more holler out to those who won the last contest where we gave out three-lifetime licenses from Bloksy, a really great plugin. If you want to hear about Bloksy and how great it is, go check out when Charlie was a guest host on our show back in Episode 515, and congratulations went out to Luis, Martin, and Elson for winning the licenses.

This week’s contest is for Orderable, which I just talked about, and I just reviewed that plugin. What we’re doing is we’re giving away a single site lifetime license valued at 599 bucks. Now, this is something highly worthwhile. If you’re building a website that’s going to have deliveries, or you have a website that’s going to have deliveries, you want to enter this contest because you might get this plugin and never have to pay for it again. And it could save you tons of money over the life. Even if you have to buy this plugin, it can save you tons of money over the life of the plugin. Go check this one out. It is Orderable, and it is a single site lifetime license that we are giving away. The contest is ending next week. So we extended it an extra week because we decided to just push it out a little bit because last week was an unusual kind of show. We didn’t have any plugin reviews or any of the standard stuff. We weren’t even live at that time. It was just a pre-recorded show so we could enjoy the Canada Day Holiday. Okay, this contest is open. All you got to do is go to, go enter the contest in there, click the link, and there it is. It takes you right to Orderable. Go into the contest. All we need is your name and email address and enter the contest. And that’s really all we got for you here.

Plugins I covered up this episode were Orderable Pro, which I gave a five to, the WoPo Minesweeper, which I gave a five to, and the One Page Checkout for WooCommerce, which I gave a five to. All right, couple of quick reminders. Well, anyone who wants to show up there is a bit of a meetup this weekend. It’s for my birthday party. Anyone who wants to show up there and have a good time that live here on Vancouver Island, you got just a couple of days to reach out to me at to find out about directions to the meetup. All right. And if you’re not getting enough of myself and Amber, well, check us out every Tuesday evening eight o’clock pacific time at the Also interviews hey, you want to be in an interview show, man. Reach out to me

All right let’s see we got, Hemdian, the other day, I upgraded my WP hosting plan, and the host installed Jetpack. Yeah, you know, Jetpack is bloated, not considered. It is bloated. No, it’s not feature light either man. You get the light version; everything else is still there in the background. It’s an all-or-nothing thing. Okay, there are people that make use of Jetpack, and it seems to be okay with them. But Jetpack ever since its creation five years ago or so, it started out okay, but then they started taking very cool useful plugins that were standalone and cramming them into Jetpack, and the only way you could get those plugins going forward was in Jetpack. I tried using it, but then, as time went on, Jetpack became more bloated and more bloated and more bloated. And Jetpack does slow down websites. There are ways around it, you know, caching and other things, but I don’t use Jetpack. I avoid like the plague. I remove it from people’s site. So you’d have to try it and see if it’s worthy of it. You should have come and saw me for upgraded hosting man. You would have had way better hosting, probably for the same amount of money you’re currently paying. At any rate, good luck with it. Hopefully, you don’t use Jetpack, but good question, Hemdian.

All right, I don’t have any other questions or answers or anything else to go on about. No more reminders for this week. Next week, Amber will be back to the show, and we will probably get back on course for regular show days, regular information, regular entertainment. I know everyone comes here just to talk to Amber now, but that’s life, I don’t mind. She’s much cuter than me. Although, nobody’s paid the fee to see how cute she is. You just have to trust me. All right, that’s all I’ve got for you. So I’ll leave it at that. Thank you very much. I greatly appreciate everyone showing up today. And I’m going to wrap it up and let my girl take us on out of here.


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John:                Alrighty.  Well, that’s all I got. And one other quick thing, it is at the — the meetup is at three o’clock Saturday afternoon for those that might still be listening. At any rate, little bit of Days of Thunder just to keeping with it for the YouTube version. Take care now, bye, bye.


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