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Transcript of Episode 464 WP Plugins A to Z

Finding The Way It's Episode 464 with plugins for Feeding your Ego, Selling your Goods, Polishing your Buttons and ClassicPress Options. It's all coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z!

All transcripts start from the point in the show where we head off into the meat and potatoes. This is complete verbatim of John’s discussion on the weekly plugins that have been reviewed.

WordPress Plugins A to Z Podcast and Transcript for See complete show notes for Episode #464 here.

Finding The Way It’s Episode 464 with plugins for Feeding your Ego, Selling your Goods, Polishing your Buttons and ClassicPress Options. It’s all coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z!

Episode #464

John: All right, meat and potatoes of the show is talking about plugins, either the ClassicPress options or the WordPress options — and/or and both absolutely – and both. All right, the ClassicPress options. This week, I don’t really have any ClassicPress options. Again, I’ve had some busy weeks ever since the Rona came into effect. My business has actually doubled, which I’m not complaining about by any sense of the imagination; it just leaves me less time to do research, and I really haven’t gotten a lot of research done in the last couple of weeks, which is why I’ve depended on you, my listeners with your stuff and other items along the way.

But I still want to talk about ClassicPress. It’s a great system. It’s what WP Plugins A to Z website runs on ClassicPress. It’s a really great system. It works very, very well. Most plugins that work on WordPress work in ClassicPress. There’s a few that don’t, which has become problematic for me, and I’m not sure what I’m going to do with that, mainly Elementor, which I got hooked into their ecosystem and then they abandoned WordPress 4.0, which is what ClassicPress is.

At any rate, ClassicPress, there’s a lot of resources listed in the Show Notes; the ClassicPress Club, the ClassicPress forums, the ClassicPress specific plugin list, the plugin directory from CodePotent, et cetera. There’s a lot there. ClassicPress is still a worthwhile program, and I’m sure it’s just in its quiet stage as it was pretty much this time last year. So go check that one out.

Okay, so it is time for the WordPress options. Well, first off, this is a question that’s come up to me a couple of times. So I thought I would include this link in the Show Notes, and for this week and maybe for a few weeks. If you’re looking for great new WordPress plugins. We’re talking brand new hot off the presses, WordPress plugins. These are over at a hidden URL, which is plugins/browse/new. At one point in time for many years, this used to be included in the plugins search repository on your WordPress install, and then, one day overnight, it just vanished with no explanation as to why they did away with it.

My guess is they did away with it to prevent the new ones from being discovered and tried to get people to use the people who were becoming more established in their specific fields for plugins. I’ve always enjoyed this. It took me a while to find it after that occurred, but once I found that I’ve bookmarked it and I use it all the time to go find new WordPress plugins. And these are the ones that have been released in the last few weeks. They usually have less than 10 installs when you first check them out, so they’re like fresh, hot off the press plugins, and that’s what I’m going to be covering today is a few of those. So make sure you check out this link if you’re looking for some fresh, hot off the press WordPress plugins.

Okay, so the first one I’ve got for you is called My Social Feed, and this one here is one that I’m going to look at and I’m going to be installing on website because I’m just now picking up and starting to use my Instagram again. And I’ve had an Instagram account for – when I looked it up, I think I’ve had it for like seven years, somewhere around when they’re brand new, and I used it quite for a few years, and then, it’s been dead for the last few. But I logged into it the other day, checked it up, reconnected, got it all functioning, because I’m going to start sharing some of the photos I take with my phone when I’m doing my things for The Rogues Tavern. I thought it would be a cool thing to do. So I want to then get those Instagram photos to then appear on my website, and this is a plugin that will help you do that.

It’s pretty lightweight and it looks to be pretty straightforward in its setup and functionality. So I would say go check this out if you’re looking for something to put Instagram on your website and you haven’t found it yet, maybe check this one out. It’s a brand new plugin, less than 10 installs out there, and you know, pretty much released 10 hours ago. So go check it out. It is called My Social Feed, and the link is in the Show Notes to get it, and I have given it a 4-Dragon rating.

Okay, the next one I’ve got for you is another brand new WordPress plugin. This one’s called Product Labels for WooCommerce, and this one here looks to be a great little plugin to add in some fancy label and badges on top of your products for WooCommerce, maybe your 20 percent off sale, your free shipping badge, all kinds of little bitty badges. That gives you a lot of controls on how to set up the badges for your WooCommerce store. Really great little tool. I don’t know exactly how it works; I don’t have a WooCommerce shop to set it up.

But judging from everything, I was able to check out on it, I’d say this is worthy of a 4-Dragon rating. Go check it out Product Labels for WooCommerce.

And the final one I’ve got for you here today is called Gleam for Elementor, and this one here, it allows you to create some fancified buttons using Elementor. Now, if you’ve used Elementor, you’re using Elementor, and you’re using just the basics or even some advanced stuff, you know the buttons are pretty plain most of the time. And this plugin here allows you to put some buttons that get – what do we call them, splashing across some glittery, you know, multicolored hues, little fancied icons, dancing stuff, all kinds of really cool strange stuff, you can do with the buttons on here.

It looks to be pretty easy to use when I’m building out another website with Elementor and I need some fancified stuff on it. I’m definitely going to have this one in mind for fancying the buttons and dancing them up. Now, this isn’t for every website. You don’t want to put it on your stodgy lawyer site or your straightforward just basic e-store site, but if you have some fancified site or something fancy, you might want to put this on there and give it a bit of pizzazz and a gleam, you know, all kinds of little things along that way. Hence their name I’m sure, Gleam for Elementor. Go check this plugin out, and I give this one a 4-Dragon rating.

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John: Absolutely. As I’ve mentioned, CMS commander great system. Please use the links in the Show Notes or go to commander. It is an affiliate link; they don’t actually pay me for the ad. It’s just a way for me to collect an affiliate from an affiliate program that has consistently paid me over the years.

Okay, and listener questions and feedback. I do have some feedback this week. It’d be nice to get some feedback from people, but I do have a listener question, and this one here is, it starts off:

I have a client that created a not-for-profit website and they have a gala every year. For the next year, they want to sell the tickets online to streamline the process and get people to the site. What ticket plug-in would you recommend? I found so many, I’m not sure which to use. Thanks for all your help.
P.S.: I would love to leave a review of the great work that you do. But I use our pocket cast and they don’t have reviews,
Techmanlou Web Design and Development.

So this came from Techmanlou. So Techmanlou, I greatly appreciate that.

First off to your first question, I highly recommend now the Event Espresso plugin, the one we just finished the contest for. If I had got this earlier, I’d seen this earlier, I would have sent you to the contest to maybe have a chance at winning the license, but that’s already done. We’ll be talking about that in a minute. So I would go to Event Espresso. I used that for a non-profit organization last year, a fantastic plugin. I’ll talk a bit more about that in a minute, but that’s where I would go. If you don’t want to go the expensive route there – well, it doesn’t matter either way. I was going to say the events calendar from – oh god, I forgot their name. The events calendar also has plugins for selling tickets too, but they’re turned out to be nowhere near as good as Event Espresso is now. So that’s where I would suggest. As for leaving a review, you can do that at iTunes. If you got iTunes and go into iTunes directly and leave a review there. Otherwise, just send us a note here and we’ll get your review listed out, and – so that’s all I really got for you. Thanks, Techmanlou. I greatly appreciate your feedback and your question.

Okay, and the contest, we do have a winner for the contest we ran for the last month, the one which – thanks back to Martin who had won it previously, gave us back the license to giveaway again. It was the license for Event Espresso. It was a license that would let you choose between the Everything License or the Developer License, whatever one you needed.

Each one had different specifications. As I said, Event Espresso, an excellent plug-in system, and when I had to build out that website last summer for a garden club, garden organization, this is what they chose. At first, I didn’t want to use it because I’d had some experiences, but they fixed all those, and it works very, very well. Go check this one out, also along with the things from Seth Shoults.

Now, the winner we have for this week is Marcus, so thank you very much. Congratulations to Marcus for winning the contest. As soon as he gets in touch with me again, I will send him out his license key. All right, and the new contest, we will have a new contest coming soon, so stay tuned. We will have a new contest coming soon, as soon as we get it organized. You want to know more about the contest? Just tune in to for more information about what’s coming.

Okay, so closing out this episode, I covered up My Social Feed, which I gave a 4 to; Product Labels for WooCommerce, which I gave a 4 to; and Gleam for Elementor, which I gave a 4 to.

A couple of quick reminders, the next WordPress Meetup for Victoria will be on June 21, 2020, starting at noon, and it will be held up at Lake Cowichan. For information on how to get there, you got to email me directly. I’m not putting that information online. This is going to be at a private residence in a backyard. It will be an outdoor event. There will be burgers and dogs and pop, but if you want your own booze, you gotta bring it. So join us for some fun afternoon. Hopefully, it should be a nice, sunny day and we can enjoy ourselves out in the yard.

All right, there is a new interview out there right now with Sabrina — no, we got another interview out. I can’t remember which one. There’s another new interview out, and I didn’t update the information for this show but go check it out. I have an interview and I’ll make sure next show I have the information updated for the show because Sabrina was the last interview.

If you want to be interviewed, simply contact or go to Want to find out more about me? Go check out my journey over at where I’m building out an urban forest right now, and later in the summer, I’ll be heading back out to the gold claims, hiking, camping, and in the fall, it will include hunting. All right, that’s pretty much all I’ve got. So I’m going to close it out here. If you’ve got any questions or anything you want to put into the chat, please do it during the exit credits, and of course, we can’t forget. It is tequila shot time – down the hatch. Wow! That’s good. Let my girl take us on out of here.

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