Thickbox Content, Font Plugins, User Name Changer and HTML5 Search in Episode 71 WordPress Plugins A to Z

It’s episode #71, and we’ve got plugins to help with thickbox content, font plugins, username changer, appointment managers, and a new way to search your wordpress site using HTML5! All coming up on WordPress plugins A-Z

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John’s  Rant

Wow its been an off week, I have been working at closing out projects so no new plugins for clients. I simply had to do some research on some random plugins. It sure can be hard to choose when you do not have a specific goal in mind.. But I did come up with some.


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**** Plugins Reviewed by John ****

Username Changer 1.3

  • Version: 1.3
  • Author: Dan Griffiths
  • Last Updated: 8 days ago
  • Requires WordPress Version: 3.0 or higher
  • Compatible up to: 3.3.2
  • Downloaded: 121 times
  • Plugin Page »

The Lowdown:
There are times when you wish you could change your username and in the past it was only possible by hacking directly into the database. But this plugin changes all that it is simple and golden. Just install activate and changing names is a breeze.

Rating 4 Dragons

Web Fonts 1.1.5

The Lowdown:
Installed nicely all you need after that is an API key from Google simple to get, that is where the simplicity ends as far as I could tell. While it makes choosing your fonts easy it does not make applying them to your content easy.
Rating 2 dragons

WP Google Fonts v2.7

The Lowdown:
Pretty easy install and set up, you need to visit the google web font directory to find the font you crave. This plugin provide 6 choices for fonts meaning you can change up to 6 fonts for your site. Simply choose your font then apply it to either an h tag or block quote or paragraphs even lists. So coverage is pretty complete. While it does properly apply the font chosen be aware as I discovered that your theme css may override some application places.
Rating 3 Dragons

**** Plugins Reviewed by Marcus ****

ThickBox Content

Author: Max Chirkov
Requires: 2.6 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.1.4
Last Updated: 2011-4-18
Downloads: 16,921

ThickBox Content provides a quick and easy way to insert any type of content into a thickbox (via page/post editor). It supports thickbox iFrame, Ajax

This plugin adds a button to the text editor’s toolbar and allows to display your content in a thickbox effect. The plugin can include any inline content, iFramed or Ajax content located on other pages. Great addition to the editor when you want to display iframed content in a thickbox!

Rating: 5 Dragons


HTML5 Search for WordPress

Author: Christopher Ross
Requires: 3.0.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.4.0
Last Updated: 2012-5-24
Downloads: 15

Replaces the built in WordPress search form with an HTML5 search form complete with auto lookup. To install the plugin, please upload the folder to your plugins folder and active the plugin. The plugin has no settings. Lazy search plugin!

I found this to be a real cool way to emulate some of Google’s popular real time search query “auto populate”. Looking forward to see where this plugin goes, as well as the addition of other, similar html5 plugins for search.

Rating: 4 Dragons


SetMore Appointments

Author: David Full

Requires: 2.0.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.3.2
Last Updated: 2012-5-22
Downloads: 60

The SetMore plugin enables your customers to book appointments with you online via your WordPress website.

SetMore helps you manage appointments, schedules and customers, all through an easy to use use web application. Your customers can book online, and pick their favorite staff, service and time-slot without picking up the phone. Learn more at Signing up is easy, fast and you don’t need a credit card to get started. Once you have an account you’ll be ready to take appointments.

I found this plugin to do very nicely for a dental center site that I help develop. Letting patients schedule their own times out of a block of availabilities is a great tool to keep things running offline when the office is closed. Only drawback is that it’s 3rd party rather than native WordPress.

Rating: 3 Dragons


Email Author on Publish

Author: Coen Jacobs
Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.4
Last Updated: 2012-5-21
Downloads: 67

Emails author when pending post is published. This can be useful for sites with multiple authors where editors publish content written by authors.

For me, this is one of those plugins that just makes sense. Ive had so many occasions where a missed schedule or fail happened on a post I set to publish in the future. This is a nice little “wave” from wordpress that let’s you know that new content was just published.

Rating: 4 Dragons

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WordPress Plugins from A to Z Episode #52 — Membership Plugins and TOS Plugins

Alone with thoughtsWordPress Plugins from A to Z Episode 52  Nov 30, 2011

Today’s show brings in some great membership plugins as well as a TOS plugin and a couple others that will make your WordPress website the envy of all your friends.

John’s & Marcus Rant: What to rant about?

making fun of spammers, seems I have been targeted by SEO spammers and others that think I need help ( well I might but not in that way) I figure if they can find me something must be happening otherwise how else do they manage to contact me.. lets take this most recent one and the first spam comment to get though in almost a year “by MarciaDale –

The internet has become the world’s marketplace. You can do business all over the world. But you have to stand out from your competition. It’s all in the website, linking, keywords — all the tools of Search Engine Optimization. We know them. Let us show you how we can help you.”

My guess is it got though because they used my own domain as the one in the url box and damn they almost seem sincere….

stepping upShout Outs:

Adam @ Integrity Solutions his plugin theme scheduled themes.

Check out @runnerskye 2012 YYJ Run for Cancer Calendar at

Something new list of interesting sites that run on WordPress:

Ministry of Transportation BC

World of WordPress News and other interesting WordPress related posts:

WordPress the most popular open source CMS for second year running

WordAds Opens Monetization to Free WordPress Blogs launches WordAds to help you make money from your blog

List of Plugins:

—–Johns Plugins——-


What they Say:
Membership transforms your WordPress website into a fully functional membership site. Provide access to downloads, online content, videos, forums, support and more through flexible membership levels and options. Simple to use, flexible – this plugin will meet all of your membership site needs. Want to create a site like GigaOm, Izzy Video, PSD Tuts? Now you can do it, easy!

You can use Membership lite to create…

  • A WordPress membership site, offering resources, forums, downloads, videos, support and more… with two different levels of membership and complete customizations.
  • Multiple membership sites on a WordPress MultiSite install – so any user of your site can have their own membership site.

What we Say:
This one also has a premium version but in the case of that if I cannot get the free one to work properly I will not spend the money on premium. What I found is that it is pretty easy to get all set up instructions are pretty easy but I ran into one major glitch. Every time I tried to register it would lock up on the second page of registration requesting to select a subscription but unable to select it. Finally had to abandon it due to this issue.

Rating 3 Dragons due to issue around the registration page.

Free WP-Membership Plugin 1.1.8

What they say:

Protect your content with Levels. Levels can protect Posts, Pages and Categories. Levels are not sequential, they are more like groups. Currently the Payment gateways are non-functional due to stripping out the copy-protection during the open sourcing process. These will be restored over time, including: PayPal, and Google Checkout.

The primary repository for Free WP-Membership is at GitHub. The project home page is at Free WP-Membership.

What we say:

Oopppssss this one cause a fatal error on both my test sites so was unable to test it out…

Rating: Epic fail—- 1 Dragon

HotWP-Members 2.6.4

What they say:

WP-Members™ is a plugin to make your WordPress® blog a membership driven site. Perfect for newsletters, private blogs, premium content sites, and more! The plugin restricts selected WP content to be viewable by registered site members. Unlike other registration plugins and WordPress® itself, it puts the registration process inline with your content (and thus your branded theme) instead of the native WP login page. WP-Members™ works “out-of-the-box” with no modifications to your theme, but it is fully scalable for those that want to customize the look and feel, or want to restrict only some content. It is a great tool for sites offering premium content to subscribers, and is adaptable to a variety of applications.

What we say:

I like this one pretty easy to setup and also allow you to request additional info when they are registering. and it works much better than the first one I tried. just a few simple settings and you can block everything by default and ope up or open everything and block as needed. Plus they have some great documentation on their site at

Rating 5 Dragonsfor easy use and actually working.

——Marcus Plugins———-

Twitter Lock


Requires WordPress Version: 2.8 or higher

Compatible up to: 3.2.1

Last Updated: 2011-11-28 Downloads: 83

TwitterLock can easily lock up content, which will only be revealed when the user will follow you on twitter or Tweet using twitter

* Description

* Installation


* Screenshots

* Changelog

* Stats

TwitterLock can be used for locking content on a page or post.

Options for the plugin

1) Unlock Type – Here you can set whether you want users to Tweet and unlock the content or Follow you on twitter and then unlock the content 2) Tweet Message – This is the message which will be tweeted in user profile if you use the Tweet and Unlock content. 3) Twitter user ID to follow – This user id will be followed if you select Follow and Unlock the content 4) Locked Content Text – This content is displayed just above the Twitter button.

Author: Mohit Jawanjal

Rating – 3/5

Has a lot of potential for additional ways to grow your followers. This would really need to have some savvy persuasion skills, or a lot of good content that would support the means for a gateway.


WordPress Quick Save


Do you habitually press CTRL+S when writing? Do you fear missing posts? There’s help!

WordPress Quick Save adds a CTRL+S keyboard shortcut to trigger the Auto-save functionality in WordPress. If you find that you habitually hit CTRL+S while writing posts, this will stop those annoying popup save site windows from appearing.

No more having to stop and click save to ensure you don’t lose your recent edits. Keep in mind, this saves ONLY as an autosave.

This plugin should work with most versions of WordPress, but has not been tested in versions earlier than 2.9

Author: Aaron Harun

Requires WordPress Version: 2.9 or higher

Compatible up to: 3.3

Last Updated: 2011-11-27 Downloads: 122

Rating – 4/5

This is a simple plugin with basic functionality that just plain WORKS. For those who are continually paranoid about saving your work (as I am) then this is the plugin for you!

Shippng out


Enable Image Scaling on Upload


Requires WordPress Version: 3.3 or higher

Compatible up to: 3.3

Last Updated: 2011-11-26 Downloads: 131

This enables use and display of the image scaling option that comes with the new uploader introduced in WordPress 3.3.

WordPress’s new uploader, Plupload, comes with a an option to scale down images during upload. This plugin makes that option visible on the upload screen, leaving you to choose whether you want to scale on upload or not.

Rating – 3/5

Author: Drew Jaynes ( )

Good start at adding some new functionality for the 3.3 upload feature. Plain and simple, this gives out of the box functionality to something that I assume will eventually be integrated as a stock feature in the new upload functions. But for now, this plugin does the job.


Terms & Conditions


This Plugin adds a Terms & Conditions agreement page the first time a user logs in and a welcome message for new members.

The WordPress Terms & Conditions plugin, pops up a Terms & Conditions agreement page the first time a user logs in. In addition the new users are presented with a nice fully customisable welcome message after they agree to your Terms to help them get started using your blog.

For WordPress installations setup with the multiple site option the Terms & Conditions will pop up the first time a user loges into there new site.

Features * Works for both New Blogs and New users.

* Customisable Open Source Terms of Use agreement.

* Customisable Open Source Privacy Policy.

* Customisable Welcome Message.

* Can be integrated into a mature blog.

* Support for both WordPress and WordPress MU.

* No changes need to be made to the Sign up process.

Requires WordPress Version: 2.0.2 or higher

Compatible up to: 3.2.1

Last Updated: 2011-11-26 Downloads: 303

Author: levi.putna

Rating 4/5

This is a great little plugin that covers your bases when laying down the ground rules for other users who may be adding content to a WordPress installation. It forces them to agree to your terms and conditions before allowing them back-end access.


Some Terms here for plugins: Nothing special this week..

In closing here is what is coming in future podcasts:

An interview with Scott Cariss the creator of the File Monitor plugin coming soon, just as soon as I can connect with him.

Possible interview with Casey

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