Your Host Matters for a WordPress Website

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As the web has grown over the last decade and more and more business have come to depend on their site as a point of contact for their clients, the dependability of their website has become of paramount importance. In the last 4 years more and more small business have chosen WordPress as their platform […]

Post to Social Media and Clear Your RSS Cache.

When doing the podcast I come across many plugins and they tend to stack up more and more now the show is trying to have more relevant plugins and those that are useful for the odd job are sidelined. So here is a couple of plugins that did not make the show but are still […]

The Ever Bubbling Witches Brew of WordPress Plugins

Plugins can be a witches brew

If you are a fan of our podcast you will know there are over thirty thousand plugins available for WordPress, but not all of them are created equal. Often times it can simply be a witches brew if the plugin you are looking for is even going to work out and if your looking to […]

Useful Facebook Comments on your WordPress Website

Add useful Facebook comments to your WordPress Website Lets face it getting people to comment can be a challenge especially with all the many hurdles they face just to place a comment you know what I am talking about such as the ever favorite ReCaptcha which 7 out of 10 time you cannot read and […]

Customize Your WordPress Login with Social Logins

Create a Slick Clean Login for Your WordPress Website So you have a membership site and want to get more users but when people hit your website they are faced with yet another place to create an account and remember yet another login. So you need an easy solution to customize your WordPress Login to […]

WordPress 3.4 upgrade gets Fatal error: Call to undefined method line 370

Don't Panic The Solution is at Hand

WordPress 3.4 upgrade gets Fatal error: Call to undefined method dbrc_wpdb::delete() in wp-includes/option.php on line 370 Ok if you see this Don’t Panic  it is not the end of the world just a few minutes of yout time. If you found me first I suggest heading over to where Gavin has written a great […]

Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error

Success feels great

Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in …./wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce/wpsc-includes/category.functions.php on line 361 How I solved this error and it might save you some time. I converted over an OsCommercer store to WP-Ecommerce using cart to cart a great way to bring over that database especially when huge like this […]

WordPress Visual Editor Missing Button and White Text Issue

Success I got it Yea!

How I solved the missing editor buttons and white text in or unable to switch between html and visual editor in WordPress First verify it is an issue with WordPress install and not a caching issue on your machine. Log into your admin area and click on add new post and click the tab for […]

You have a Great WordPress website So why Isn’t up to to Date?

Majik 8 Ball --- How is my site security?

It is very important that you keep your WordPress website up to date as recent events have shown again.  See these articles: Search WordPress Plugins The Best WordPress Plugin Directory Search Engine Major security vulnerability discovered in popular WordPress plugin 30,000 WordPress Blogs Infected to Distribute Rogue Antivirus Software WARNING: 200,000 US-based WordPress web pages […]

Social Media Icons – Do it yourself

Love to code

Are you looking for a way to add the social media icons without a plugin? Well here is a solution for you. This code come from the following website and was brought to us by one of our longtime listeners. Who was kind enough to make it in English for us since the original web […]