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BackWPup 2.1.9, User Login Stat, WP Sliding Login on Episode 62 WordPress Plugins from A to Z

Alas the old php is dying out.. Plugins covered this episode:It was the wait on the phone for support

BackWPup 2.1.9, WPX Affiliate Manager 0.3.0, WP Gift Certificate Reloaded Lite, User Login Stat, WP Sliding Login | Register Panel, Author Category

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John’s & Marcus Rant: What to rant about?

Report on WPDBSpringclean — Wow what a difference I placed it on my site and cleaned out the junk and does it ever run better..

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Carole Baskin — can’t see site in ie. what i found was a bit strange when I first went to look at it I was unable to see it but did nit out I was able to see it fine and chdec ked it on 4 different machines all good, but I did discover by running a markup validation at the site produced 38 errors and 2 warnings and when looking I saw several bad spots in the code that need fixed here is a quick screen cast on what I found


List of interesting sites that run on WordPress:

Think out of the boxWorld of WordPress News and other interesting WordPress related posts:

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**** Plugins Reviewed by John ****

BackWPup 2.1.9

What they say:
Do backups and more for your WordPress Blog.

  • Database Backup
  • WordPress XML Export
  • Optimize Database
  • CheckRepair Database
  • File Backup
  • Backups in zip, tar, tar.gz, tar.bz2 format
  • Store backup to Folder
  • Store backup to FTP Server
  • Store backup to Amazon S3
  • Store backup to Google Storage
  • Store backup to Microsoft Azure (Blob)
  • Store backup to RackSpaceCloud
  • Store backup to DropBox
  • Store backup to SugarSync
  • Send Log/Backup by Email
  • Multisite Support only as Network Admin

** WP 3.1 and PHP 5.2.5 Required!! **

What I Say:
I found myself having to look for another autobackup plugin for a client because his site had gotten too large for the current plugin we were using. What was happening was that due to the size of the zip file being created it would no longer properly upload to Amazon S3 so I went looking and found this.
This plugin is great it not only uploads to Amazon S3 but FTP, Google Storage, Sugar Snyc, MIcrosoft Azure, Rackspace and my Fav Dropbox only there is a limit of 150mg to Dropbox due to their API hopefully they change that in the future..

It not only does the backup but allows you to include or exclude different content such as tables, plugins themes and more. It can also be set to do regular maintenance on your database all in all this is a great plugin..
Rating 5 Dragons

Estro Fest 1999WPX Affiliate Manager 0.3.0

What They Say:
In a world full of ad blockers affiliate programs are gaining popularity. Direct links and self-hosted images bypass ad blockers. By using this simple to use plugin your can create a widget with six 125×125 affiliate ads side by side. If the area you place the widget is less than 250px after any padding the widget will display in a single row instead of side by side.

What I Say:
Pretty straight forward in it istall and use just install activte and the upload a couplr 125x images to media and then go to the configuration page and enter url for image and the link they jump to not too bad a simple 125 ad block manager but no stats.
Rating 4 Dragons

And now for Something New!!

WP Gift Certificate Reloaded Lite:

What They Say:
WP Gift Certificate Reloaded Lite is a plugin which allows you to manage and sell printable gift certificates on your website. You can sell them to your visitors, and accept payments via PayPal. It’s easy, install the plugin and open new feature for your customers!
How the plugin works?
The visitor view part of the plugin consists of simple form where your visitors can purchase gift certificates.
Front end workflow. Let’ imagine that I sell gift certificate for visiting museum, and you are the visitor who purchases the certificate.

  1. You fill up the form and click “Continue” button. Then system asks you to confirm your action. …

What I Say:
Mildly difficult to setup not completely clear on how visitors will access purchase of certs. It turned out to be a freemium version badly crippled that I could not get to function properly, I discovered this only after I hit the website to find out how to create a page or something for people in front end. I have no issue with freemium and in fact I encourage and promote them I do think they need to be more upfront about it though.

It does a great job manually creation of the cert not too sure about the rest may have to buy the premium..
Rating 3 Dragons

The future is out there**** Plugins Reviewed by Marcus ****

User Login Stat
A simple plugin that tracks registered users login statistics per day. You can track how many registered users are signing in to your site everyday.You can track how many registered users are signing in to your site everyday.

No extra configuration needed. Just creates a plugin page in admin panel and displays everyday’s user login count.

Marcus’ Take:
Great plugin to get the stats for all your users. Nice way to keep tabs on all of your authors, administrators and content authors.

Rating: 4 out of 5

WP Sliding Login | Register Panel

Add a sliding login or register panel to WordPress Theme.
Instead of modifying directly theme files, just install this plugin so you can preserve you panel when switching between themes and during themes updates.

Marcus’ Take:

This is a great plugin for providing an alternate user login experience for your site members. Too often I’ve been forced to use the stock /wp-login area, and this is a really nice design element to put into place. Works with any theme.

Rating: 4 out of 5


Author Category

Simple lightweight plugin limit authors to post just in one category.

Marcus’ Take:

There are instances that I have wanted people to be limited to editing and adding content to one specific topic area or category. This is the velvet rope that does just that.

Rating: 5 out of 5


Dragons watchingSome Terms here for plugins:

In closing here is what is coming in future podcasts:

scroll plugins or banner tickers

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