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Alllllll the Donation Options

Donate your Time, Talent, or Treasure!

Chances are you've heard us talk about this on the show....

This is a Value for Value kind of show meaning that it won’t work without You the Producers!

Here you will find a definition of how YOU can donate your Time, Talent, or Treasure to the show!

If you find Value in our show, toss some Value back! Help keep the show going so we can keep on plugging!

Time Donation:

Subscribe to our newsletter!
Tell Everyone about us wherever you find yourself! This could be FB, Twitter, YouTube, Family get-togethers, D&D Night…. Get on out there to round them up for us, than rope ’em all in to come and listen to and be part of the show! Then belly up to the bar and enjoy with your catch of the day while we do our best to bring you the latest and greatest of plugins and news with a laugh!
Show up to our Live Show YouTube Channel every Monday at 12:30PM PST – show up by 12:15PM PST to catch our pre-stream! Really quite entertaining most days as we fiddle with the dials and knobs to chase away the gremlins that have moved in since the week before.
Do you love a plugin? Do you hate a plugin? Did you MAKE a plugin that you want to get out into the world?!?

Whatever it is, send it on into us and we will give it a real, unbiased review! To submit a plugin for review you can go to our ‘Submit a Plugin‘ page!

Book an Interview with us! Let us interview You! You can get your work out if you’re a plugin developer, or you can offer up some advice is you’re an old hand – or anything that is WordPress related! If you’re interested, head on over to our ‘Let us Interview You‘ page and set it up!

Be a Guest Host! This is open to ALL LISTENERS!! If you are interested in joining us as a Guest Host on a show, you can head on over to our ‘Be a Guest Host‘ page and set it all up!

Random tasks that need doing. See a task that you’d like to take on? Shoot us an email and we can talk about it!

Talent Donation:

Submit Artwork into WP Plugins Art Generator. LOVE seeing the creativity of all the artists out there! Submit your artwork to
Send us in articles, news, or general WordPress information to share either here on the show or on the WP Plugins A to Z site. You can do this anonymously, or have your name attached – just let us know in the email. Articles and General WordPress information will land on the site, while News may land either here on the show, or on the site – or both!

Be a Guest Writer! ‘But what does one write about for a show/site like this’ I hear you ask.
Well, that’s a good question.
You can write an article on anything regarding WordPress, or you can write about what it’s like to make a plugin/be a developer/hunt down and fix an issue… Really, if it has to do with WordPress in any way, we would love for you to send it into us! Head on over to our ‘Be a Guest Writer‘ page and take a look!

See somewhere that could use your talent? Shoot us an email and we can talk about it!

Treasure Donation:

Donate to the show! Over $50.00 donations will earn you an Executive Producership where you can have your note read out on the show!
Under $50.00 donations will earn you a place in our Back Room Producers Lounge!
Patreon! – Yes, Patreon is still a thing that exists and works – and you can even watch our show there!
Something we haven’t listed here? Shoot us an email and we can talk!

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