It has arrived you can now advertise on the WP Plugins A to Z Website and podcast. Yes, we are now offering full and proper advertising on both the website and in the show itself. The rates are laid out below and what you get for each tier of advertising. To set up advertising please fill out the form at the bottom of page or call John at 818-850-7729

What you get when you advertise with WP Plugins A to Z:

In show promotions.

Top Tier Advertiser – $400* per show** or $950* a month** you get the following:

  • Title Sponsor for episode min 30 sec readout at top of show
  • You also get a 728 x 90 banner*** at top of website appears on all pages.
  • Final readout at end of show min 30 sec.

Segment Sponsor – $300* per show** or $450* a month** you get the following:

  • Segment of show sponsor such as meat and potatoes (Plugins), WordPress News, Listener Feedback ect your choice if you do not have preference we will place you in an opening.  Min 30 sec readout.
  • You also get a 300 x 250 banner*** on sidebar top appears on all pages.

Prize Sponsor – Provide one give away product (a plugin license or theme ect.) plus $100 per show only digital products…

  • You get a dedicated section in the show where we talk about your prize and set the stage for the give away. Your product needs to be digital so we can deliver it as soon as contest is complete.  We will create and run the contest.


Website only promotions:

We also have a limited number of banner ad blocks available if you would like to just place a banner on our site the rates are:

  • 300 x 250 ad in lower part of sidebar – $275mo***
  • 468 x 60 banner above all single posts – $300mo***
  • 728 x 90 Top of page banner throughout website – $550mo***


*You provide the Ad copy — if we prepare the ad copy there is an extra $300 one time charge per promotion.
** Monthly Time is a straight 30 days from start of contract will usually be included in 4 shows.. Per Show rate is one show and website ad will run 7 days from posting of current show until next show is posted. All advertising is prepaid and contract starts from date payment is received.
*** You provide the produced ad in proper dimensions in either .gif, .png or .jpg if we produce the ad there will be a one time charge of $400.


Advertising Request

  • Please fill out your complete name.
  • Please leave a valid email..
  • Please leave us a valid phone number.
  • Please leave a good time to call you back and let me know your time zone.
  • Please ask any questions here.
  • Please choose one or more ad areas that you would like to advertise in.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.