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10 Most Popular Plugins for WordPress to Increase Customer Experience

Are you looking for the best ways to make your WordPress site more smooth and highly effective? Then you must know about the WordPress plugins you can integrate with it? With over 55,000 official free plugins and almost the same number of high-end (premium) plugins making ample choices, you can choose from. But before deciding, always think about your business needs...

Are you looking for the best ways to make your WordPress site more smooth and highly effective? Then you must know about the WordPress plugins you can integrate with it? With over 55,000 official free plugins and almost the same number of high-end (premium) plugins making ample choices, you can choose from. But before deciding, always think about your business needs, what area you want to refurbish, is it for customer service or expanding your website security, and so on. With the integration of plugins, you can easily optimize your site for the longer run.

But of course, it’s quite tricky to pick the best from such an extensive array. But you need not worry, we are here to help you with this!
In this blog, we’ll share with you the best WordPress plugins and tools that are important in 2021, so let’s get started!

Here are your top 10 Plugins!

WP touch
More and more technology geeks let people connect their WordPress sites with several functionalities like WordPress Chatbot. Our first plugin is somewhat like the wp live chat plugin but quite limited. WP Forms is a plugin that lets you have a simple way to deploy a form on the wp site quickly. It allows for the easy creation of surveys or polls, contact forms, order forms, and even payment forms. But if you want something automated, you can go for a WordPress Chatbot instead. It works based on drag and drop, so beginners can merely use it.

Live Chat Support
Let your customers or visitors get in touch with your team whenever they feel the need for assistance or solutions. It can be simply done by installing the wp live chat plugin for your WP website. Its live chat feature will bring new and fresh content and add life to your site. Moreover, it has rich integration options and lets them get instant support without any hindrance.

Yoast SEO
We all know SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the most significant elements in the era of digital marketing. Every website on the web is in dire need of good SEO, and this is the WordPress plugin, which is a great solution. It is amongst the most popular ones and supports on-site optimization for wp sites. It offers features like you can change a page’s meta description and more. It will help you keep your site search-friendly.

Our other user-friendly WordPress ChatBot in BotPenguin. It is one of the chatbot builder platforms for free and via the no-code interface. After building your bot, you can simply integrate it with your WordPress website. It is a highly recommended wp chat live plugin with which you can do a lot, like communicating with the users, gathering information, and so on. It is a very futuristic Chatbot WordPress and an affordable option to go for!

This WordPress plugin connects with Google Analytics and is considered one of the most useful add-ons for precisely monitoring your site traffic. Like any WordPress, Chatbot helps you get traffic and raise the engagement rate. On the other hand, MonsterInsights enables you to manage it properly. It will support you in getting the right statistics or insights. When measuring user experience and improving, this would be the best one to choose. .

User Activity Tracking and Log
This WordPress plugin tracks user activity with its powerful functionalities on your WordPress site. It lets you get the right bunch of information about your users, and all those who are showing interest can follow-up later and offer a personalized experience to them. It is beneficial when users are on membership or have WooCommerce sites. It can track both logged-in and non-logged-in sites. Some of its key features are as follows:
It’s simple and intuitive
It has a powerful searchability
It can enable/disable for custom post types
And so on

Our 7th plugin, which isn’t like a WordPress Chatbot. It is mainly for making your WordPress site secure. As it is always one of the most essential parts of your site. That’s why it is crucial to defend it! It supports scanning your site and exposing vulnerabilities. You can remove them with one single click, and that’s how you can protect your user data and let them interact with your team safely.

Just like WordPress Chatbot gives you many offers, if you are looking for a plugin made for polls and lets your customers inquire about products or services, it is one step ahead to improve customer satisfaction. Your customer base and the audience will be happy to support you with your future strategy; just encourage them to give feedback in quick forms with the help of WP-Polls. Moreover, you can set-up the vote limit as per your preferences and other customizations.

This WordPress plugin functions in the same way as any classic backup. But here, the con is that the data can come from multiple sources or websites on WordPress. The backup by BackUpBuddy is quite reliable and fast, undoubtedly. For instance, think of losing all your precious data due to some mishappening like a server crash or any error? That’s why restoring by BackUpBuddy can be done in a few clicks, which will guarantee user satisfaction for sure. So, you might go for it- easy-to-use and secure.

This WordPress plugin enables you to easily attract a widget to your website without knowing technical knowledge. It is like a WordPress Chatbot with a live chat feature to your website. It brings more leads to you and refurbishes your brand’s reputation in the market. Whenever any visitor on your site sends you a text, you can respond to it quickly via a widget. Moreover, it allows you to create an easy popup on your site if you wish to promote new offers or deals. There are also very cool features to power up your website- connecting mobile applications, in-app-messaging, more customization.

There are thousands of plugins and WordPress Chatbot available. You can choose the best fit according to your needs and give more features and power to your website. With these, you can make it more personalized and up to standards. The process of choosing could be quite overwhelming but go for the appropriate one by considering your needs and business requirements.

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