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Transcript for Episode 548 and we have plugins for Extended Search, Private Writings, No More Comments, Zilla Gate, Sticky Everything, Dyno Sects... and ClassicPress Options. It's all coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z!

Transcript for Episode 548 WP Plugins A to Z

Transcript for Episode 548 and we have plugins for Extended Search, Private Writings, No More Comments, Zilla Gate, Sticky Everything, Dyno Sects... and ClassicPress Options. It's all coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z!

All transcripts start from the point in the show where we head off into the meat and potatoes. They are the complete verbatim of John and Amber’s discussion of this weeks plugins that have been reviewed.

WordPress Plugins A to Z Podcast and Transcript for See complete show notes for Episode #548 here.

It’s Episode 476 with plugins for Stock Picking, Stopping Hackers, Cleaning & Caching, Notices, Before & After, Restricting Users and ClassicPress Options. It’s all coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z!

Transcript for Episode #548

(Plugins lead-in rock music)  

John:              Alright.  This is where we talk about all the plugins and ClassicPress Options.  Currently, there are no ClassicPress options, but we do have lots of WordPress plugins to discuss and the first one out the gate that I’ve got for you here is called WP Extended Search and I discovered this one while reviewing a prospective new client’s website.  I really liked it, checked it out.  It’s a really great, lightweight, and powerful search engine plugin.  It’s relatively complete as far as I can tell but one of the things it does for you is it helps you set up custom searches that you can place on different pages like if you have a website that has different categories of stuff, maybe they land on a category page for recipes or something you can place the search on that page that will only search recipes and not search all the other articles on your website for what they’re looking for.

Amber:           That’s cool.

John:              So it does help you get some of that, you can exclude or include posts or pages from it, you can have searches set up for category tags, custom taxonomies, you know, you can create unlimited search settings to use a custom search form, so there’s a whole lot that it does.  It’s a really cool looking plugin and it looks like, you know, it can help set up your clients hitting your website, your users, your visitors, your supporters, whatever you want to call them, they can find all the different things you’re looking for.  It does take a bit of work to, you know; go toss the stuff into the site but all in all one you will want to check out, go check it out, it is WP Extended Search and I give it a four dragon rating.

Amber:           Awesome.  First one I have for everyone is Zilla Payment Gateway.  This plugin was created for ecommerce sites to give the customers the option of paying for their items later at a 1% cost.  I thought that was a pretty cool idea, especially if you have some pretty expensive items on your shop.  I wasn’t able to find anywhere to change up the options on it seems to be just a plug and play and it does work well.  I wasn’t able to test the long-term effect of it but it does seem to work.  Well it worked.  It looks nice and I do recommend that you give this a try.  I would love to hear back from any listeners out there who do end up giving this a try and are able to test it on the long term.  I would love to hear feedback.  I rate this at four dragons.

John:              Oh, that’s the one that’s like buy now pay overtime and order your pizza and pay it over four months, you know, you’re hard up if you got to take out a loan for a pizza.

Amber:           Yeah.

John:              All right.  Next one I have for you here is called WP Private Content Plus.  This plugin helps simplify the process of protecting your important WordPress site content from guests, members, specific user roles or a group of selected users.  The plugin supports content restrictions on posts, pages, custom post types, navigation menus, widgets, and also it allows you to hide specific content within posts and pages.  So it’s basically a bit of a membership plugin, but a little simpler. You use it to restrict content in multiple ways, so without them logging in, or having the right level of permission, they can’t see that content, which boils it down to a membership type plugin to me, not one I actually need to use but for those looking for a simpler solution at a full-blown membership plugin, this might be something you want to check out if you’re looking to protect specific content on the site to keep people from seeing it, so I would suggest you go check this one out.  It could be very useful for you and it’s got a lot of different settings and uses that can help you out, it is called the WP Private Content Plus and I give it a four dragon rating.

Amber:           That does sound really useful.  Next one I have is All-in-One WP Sticky Anything, so I thought this was a pretty cool sticky thing because the way that this one works is they have it set up so that you can stick it anywhere, whether it’s in a post or page or anywhere on your site and you can choose who sees it and whoever can see it can add to it or they can create a second one because another bonus is you can have as many as you want, wherever you want.  The one minor drawback is you have to put in a specific CSS selector, which it works through CSS class name, class ID, or CSS selector, so you have to put one of those in, in order for it to show up anywhere because when I tested it out and I didn’t put anything in, it doesn’t even show up on your dashboard, unfortunately. So that is the one drawback I found, but I can see how this would be super helpful if you’re working in a team or what have you.  I give this a five dragon rating.

(Dragon roar)

John:              Alrighty, so this is for sticky for your front page your visitors and it also works in the dashboard area?

Amber:           No, it’s a sticky for posts or pages or pages anywhere but only people who are given access to _____ 00:24:13, like you have to be in the back end and working on something, like when you’re developing or it’s more of a back end sticky?

John:              Okay.  Oh, it’s a sticky that sticks only in the back end when you’re editing the post.

Amber:           Yeah, if you go into edit it, you can see the notes or you can put on a page, you can put it anywhere throughout the site, and it’s for people who are working on the site.

John:              Okay, so you got to be logged in to see it. Okay. You gotta be an administrator?

Amber:           They didn’t specify that.  I think you have to be an administrator in order to choose who gets to see it but so far as I understand if you can see, you can add to it.  You might have to be an administrator to create it though.

John:              Okay, sounds kind of interesting.  Could be used pool in the multi developer environment.  Alright, the final one I’ve got for you it’s a bit of an older plugin, but it still seems to work and it’s one that may be a value to you, if you’re allowing comments on your website, it’s called Disable Comment Url.  What it does is it removes URLs from the comments form.  In other words, it prevents anyone from being able to stick a URL into the comment form, which of course is one of the biggest things that comment forms are used for is people trying to spam you, stick URLs, and get links back to their site.  Simple tool, one that you just plug and play and it is an older one, so I can’t tell you how good it is but all in all, it’s something you might want to be aware of and go check out, it’s called Disable Comment Url, and I give it a four dragon rating.

Amber:           Anything to help eliminate the spam man.  Next one up is Dyno Sections.  This plugin was created by and for developers, because you need to have the basics in coding in order to fully use this.  The way it works is they give you a set of coding and you need to wrap your text in that coding in order to create dynamic sections in your pages or posts.  You can use it on any content based area because this is based in GET or POST.  In the Pro version, you are also able to send emails based on GET or POST parameters using dynamic sections, send data to any third party script or web service URL, and apparently the support is a little bit better than the free version.  You can use this as many times as you want but that’s kind of seem to be all you can do.  Okay, so I can see this being very useful for developers and it is designed for developers, and if you’re new to coding, I could see it being great practice for you as well.

John:              Cool.

Amber:           I rate this at four dragons.

John:              Alrighty.  Go check them out, folks.  Okay, we do have a contest right now and let’s go wander into it.

(Background music)

Absolutely fantastic jingle.  Alright, we are currently giving away the Events Calendar Pro Single Domain License valued at 99 bucks; they were kind enough to do that you can go check out.  We have interview with the folks over at the Events Calendar; it’s a really good interview you can go check that one out.  You can find that on our website right on the front page and the Events Calendar is a fantastic calendar.  I’ve personally been using it for about seven or eight years now and it’s gotten better over the years.  It’s had its troubles like every other growing plugin, but lately it’s been really stable and very well done.  The Pro version allows you to do all kinds of things including setting up reoccurring events, integrating it with more tools, there’s just a lot that this plugin can do.  You can go create your own meetup using the events calendar, which is one of the things we use it for over on the WP Plugin site and the Rogues Tavern.  We use it for creating our own meetup group without paying tons of money to meetup each and every month.  This plugin works out to be a whole lot less than paying meetup over the course of a year, so go check this one out and go enter the contest.  The contest is running until March 2nd, and the winner will be announced on the show on March 3rd, so go check it out.  Alright, cover up a couple of quick things here before we head into the Q&A segment.  Plugins I covered in this show was WP Extended Search which I gave a four to, the WP Private Content Plus which I gave a four to, and the Disable Comment Url which I gave a four to.

Amber:           And I covered Zilla Payment Gateway which I rated at four, All-in-One WP Sticky Anything which I rated at five, and Dyno Sections which I rated at four.

John:              Absolutely.  Alright, a couple of other things, there is a meetup that will be coming sometime in around at the beginning of July is where I’m expecting it to be and that meetup will be set up and you’ll have to RSVP for it because it’ll be limited number of people will be allowed and I’m going to be posting that meet up in a couple of other different groups that I have, so it’s going to be RSVP only through the Rogues tavern.  So get set for that one, folks, it is coming in July.  If you’d like to be interviewed on the WP plugins, interview show, reach out to me at and you can just go book the time slot for the interview and I will set up and do an interview with you and we get that published out and help you promote your plugin, your business, anything WordPress related is what it boils down to.  As long as it’s WordPress related I’m not going to do cryptocurrencies or what are some of the other ones people have tried to have me do I can’t remember I look at it. No, this we do WordPress stuff here. That’s really it. So if it’s WordPress related, you want to be interviewed, reach out to me.  Alright, it’s that time.


It’s question and answer time.

John:              With Amber.

Amber:           So before I get started on my questions, if anybody out there has any questions they’d like to have asked here on the show, send them in to me at  We’ll get them up on the show and we’ll see if we can stop my dad.

John:              Good luck with that.

Amber:           It was worth a shot.  So first question I have is when you’re looking at pictures on computers, why is it that a larger higher definition screens where the pictures will have the top and bottom cropped but they don’t get blurry, it seems like the picture should blur a little once it’s made so much bigger that it needs to auto crop on you.

John:              Okay, I don’t fully understand the question here. Are you talking about pictures on a website or pictures as you’re looking to edit them or what are you talking about?

Amber:           On a website like, for instance, if I go into website and they have pictures for say their team or something, I found that between my two monitors on my one monitor, I’ll get a larger amount of the picture than on the other monitor.  What happens is the top and the bottom get cropped and everything seems bigger because I have so much higher definition on my second monitor but I was thinking about it and wondering why doesn’t the picture get blurry when that happens because it seems like that would make sense doesn’t it?

John:              No, you would think but the thing is you’re talking about pixels on pictures.  Pictures on a computer screen are measured in pixels.  Unlike, you know a picture in a newspaper; they’re measured in inches, okay.  On a computer screen, they’re measured in pixels.  Pixels don’t always equate inches, you can have a one by one pixel picture, still have it clear, but when you translate that one by one pixel picture to newspaper or print, that picture will be a centimeter by centimeter in size.  Okay, a computer screen renders pictures by their pixels, so if it’s a high definition image, say it’s a 1200×1800 pixel image, your resolution of your monitor also makes a difference.  Most monitors are preset now at 1900 pixels, or 19,000 pixels or something, but there’s a limited number of pixels on your screen and so what it does, sticks that image into those pixels that are available on the screen is how it works and if there’s not enough pixels, it starts cropping, and some of them crop top bottom side, but it doesn’t make the image any smaller or larger.  It’s only displaying the image based on the pixels that are available on that image and based on the pixels that are available on the monitor like I have four different sized monitors, I have a 23 inch monitor all the way down to a 20 inch monitor.  If I had a 19 inch monitor, it would be smaller but I can set the resolution for all my monitors to the same size, to the same screen resolution, so that when the screen resolution is set to the same size, the image will always be displayed the same size. It’ll just appear a different size on the screen. Does that make any sense? I know that was a whole lot of fucking Google Doc.

Amber:           Well, it made a lot of sense to me.  It actually explains why the picture can be of different size, it makes a lot of sense.  Thank you.

John:              Yep, computers, it’s all about the pixels.  The image is in that’s why when I tell clients I need a picture, they go well, how many inches are irrelevant in a computer screen.  I need this many pixels by this many pixels, you know, and that’s how images are measured in computer screens.

Amber:           That’s definitely good to know.  All right, my next question is what is easier in the long run, rebuilding a few separate pages within a site or rebuilding the site all over?

John:              That all depends on how few the separate pages are, and what your goal is, you know, for instance, a site, you’re just trying to redo a couple of pages, you know, and it’s going to take you the same amount of hours to rebuild those pages as it would to rebuild the entire site in a whole new format, that’s going to be some more standard and lasts longer, it’s better to rebuild the site.  If it’s going to take less time to rebuild those pages, you rebuild those pages, it’s a matter of time cost effectiveness, which one is more timely to accomplish? Which one was less costly to accomplish?

Amber:           Okay.

John:              That’s what it is.

Amber:           And I have one more question, it’s connected to that one.  When we’re building a single page within a website, how do you make sure that your new shiny page is properly linked with the rest of the site?

John:              Alright, well, we’ll hold that question in abeyance here we’re going to let our girl take us on out of here for the show and for those of you on the podcast, you want to hear the answer to that, come on over to YouTube and check it out.  Alright, let my girl take us out.

 (Female speaker)

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(Child giggling)


(End of Audio)

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