28 Facts You Probably Don’t Know About WordPress

WordPress Popularity

Just about everyone who has gone through the process of trying to figure out exactly how they will get a website online has run into WordPress already. It is an extremely popular CMS but you might not realise just how many websites are using it in 2016.

Endless Options

As we mentioned in the earlier segment, WordPress provides an almost endless amount of customizations that you can use on your website. There are over 45,000 plugins available for free which adds functionality, and over 4,000 free themes that can change the look of a website.

WordPress Security Breaches

Yes, it’s sad but true that WordPress has been the target of some quite large security breaches. It just goes to show that once you become big enough and popular enough you will become the target of people who want to take you down. The same thing happened with Windows when it became the most popular operating system for home computers. It became the target for virus makers, WordPress is not immune to that.