WP Nearby Places Premium Version

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A special thanks to Albert Harlow at https://wpnearbyplaces.com for his generous donation of a Premium License for WP Nearby Places and be sure to check out the interview with Albert Harlow from WP Nearby Places where we discuss the plugin a bit more in-depth, listen here.

Todays Interview is with Albert Harlow from WP Nearby Places a great new plugin using Google maps and places that allows you to showcase all the business and attractions near your business or apartment building using Google Maps.

WP Nearby Places lets you easily create Google maps for your WordPress website with your specified location at its center. Website visitors will have the ability to quickly search what’s around your specified location like no other mapping plugin that uses the power of Google maps. WP Nearby Places also uniquely breaks down neighborhood locations by categories, such as Restaurants, Parks, Police and, depending which version you purchase, provides the location’s name, address, URL, website address, phone number and distance (in miles or kilometers) from the central location. There are 3 versions available: Basic (which is free and available through WordPress.org), PRO and Premium (which is offered here). For details about all our licensed versions available, including our exciting Add-ons, go to https://members.wpnearbyplaces.com/shop.

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