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The time has finally come to start asking you our great audience for support in the form of donations. This page was created to make that task easy.

Thanks for stopping by to support the WP Plugins A to Z podcast and website project.This show would have never become what it is without you the listeners. Thanks to you it has become the premier place where developers submit plugins for review and many listeners come to find out what’s good and bad among the 40k plus plugins available.

The Purpose of Asking for Donations

Your Donations will give us the ability to:

  • Devote more time to the WP Plugins Podcast and Website
  • Improve the show with better sound quality
  • add more in-depth show notes with Transcripts
  • do Theme Reviews and Interviews with developers
  • Create Plugin Training Videos and add Support Forums
  • Setup additional Websites to support the WordPress Community

Who are we?

We are John Overall (me) and Marcus Couch. Both of us are WordPress professionals and are the hosts of the podcast WP Plugins A to Z. We’ve been doing the show since 2011 and now with 260+ episodes out there and many changes to the show over time, we feel the time has come to ask for your support.

The problem is that we need to make a living and the show often gets pushed to the back burner because we need to pay the bills. With your donations and support we can start dedicating time each week to this show and website.

We look forward to your support and will make sure credit is given where credit is due by showcasing your donations in a special segment on our weekly show.

Thank You for Your Support of WP Plugins A to Z

John Overall